Clues to Solve The Secret of Hildegards Guide Upstairs Attic Cellar

Walkthrough of The Secret of Hildegards Game
Upstairs: Second Hallway
3rd Door or Library
Click on the sparkling door and get HO.
In your inventory list it has shadows of the objects you have to find.
Click on the sparkling book case and retrieve 12 open books.
Abigail misses the Journal of her father.
Use the right arrow

The Secret of Hildegards

Click on the sparkling Painting.
Find the 10 differences.
You get a picture with a sparkling note behind it.
Click on it and you get the information, that the father has hidden journal pages all around the house.

Library Desk
Under the desk it has a sparkling area.
Play HO and collect the sparkling Paperclip.
Use the Down arrow and take Paperclip from inventory and use it on the door.

Lock Puzzle
Objective is to pick 5 Bolts.
Solution: 4 2 3 5 and 1 from left to right

Storage Room
Play HO.
Puzzle: You have 2 diamond shapes with 2 different patterns.
You can jump over one or move one step forward, only when it has a free square to do so.
The objective is to change the locations from each pattern to the destination from the other pattern.
So what was before pattern A must be at the end pattern B and vise verso.

1st door or Child’s Bedroom
click on the sparkling door and play HO.
The Teddy Bear falls of the chair.
Doll: Click on the sparkling doll and several times on her face to unravel a scroll with a compass.

Collect it for your inventory
Take the Down Arrow

Click on the sparkling stairs and play HO.
Click on the sparkling chest, which you can’t open in the moment.
Take the down arrow and then the Up arrow

Play the HO.
The pillow falls down and unravels a key, which you pick up

Baby Cotsparkles
Click on it for a Shadow-HO.
You get a mirrored note, collect it.
Use the down arrow.
Take the down and the left arrow.

Combination Gate
Click on it and log in the Year of Abigail’s Birth.
Solution: 1985Play the HO

There are 3 Portals to enter.
Click on the left entrance

Wine Cellar
Collect 14 bottles and a crate falls down from the top left side.
Click on the sparkling bottle several times to break it and access a note: Live by the sword, die by the sword! Play the HO.
Take the down arrow and click on the right portal.

Weapon Room
Try to play Shadow-HO.
Click on the sparkling shield.
Click on it again and the shield turns and reveals a note, which states: The second Frontier Naught.
Click down arrow and take the middle path to the Family Tomb.
Finally this part is finished successfully

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