Hints to Solve The Secret of Hildegards Part Three: Hut and Cemetary

Just cliskc by the family tomb on the left arrow.
Outside: HO collect electrical wire object EWO
Inside: Play HO and collect EWO.
Puzzle: Objective: Move the blocks with the arrows, which are located around the square and reveal a picture.

The Secret of Hildegards

Solution: Top left hand side is an owl. At the right hand side is a table with an open book on a dark green cloth.
At the very right is a medallion laying on the table.

At the very left it has a silver shaped object.
Play HO.
Puzzle: The objective is, there are different shapes, which have to be placed in the relief form.
Take it with the mouse and drag it to the chosen position and let go the mouse.

It locks itself in place.
Left click to flip them 1/4 turn.
Solution: Left top a square and on each side a standing small triangle.
Underneath it you place the green triangle.
At the very right side the yellow piece standing upright.
The 2 purple triangles are placed in the left corner of the right side.
Pick up EWO.

Take the right arrow
Dump area: sparkles click on it
Dump area focused: Play HO and collect EWO.
Power Box
Click on the sparkling box.
Note: The collected EWO’s disappear from your Inventory, after the puzzle is solved.
Puzzle: Objective: Turn all the connections and bulbs to light it up.
All the connections must lead to the square junction box to get the power running.
Take the left arrow.
Cemetary Entrance sparkles click on it for HO.
You get 3 sparkling areas.
Angel girl to the left side.
Sitting woman to the right.
Complex with Pentagram at the rear right

Click on the Left side Play HO.
Puzzle 4 Knights: 2 white Knights at the left side and 2 brown Knights at the right side.
Objective of the Puzzle is to trade their places.
For the ones, who don’t play chess the move is always one straight and one diagonal or one diagonal and one straight.
Solution: You see on the picture below on the squares numbers from 1 to 9.
The moves are according these numbered 9 squares.
Brown: 9 to 2, White: 7 to 6, Brown: 2 to 7, White: 1 to 8, Brown: 3 to 4, White: 8 to 3, Brown: 4 to 9, Brown: 9 to 2, White: 6 to 1, Brown: 7 to 6, Brown: 2 to 7, White: 1 to 8, Brown 6 to 1, White: 3 to 4, White: 8 to 3.

Pick up the pliers.
Click on the right sparkling area Sitting woman: Play HO.
Puzzle with cogs.

Solution: from right top to bottom left: Place small, middle, big, small, big cogs Pick up Garden sheers.
Click on the right rear sparkling area Complex with Pentagram: Play HO.

The objective of the Puzzle is to move the hexagons with your mouse to the place you want it to be.
Connect all the blue and the red ones to each one side.
On the top part it is red at the bottom part it is blue.
The parts which match, are lit up. Pick up Oil Can.
Take the Up Arrow.
Use the Garden sheers for the overgrown vine.
The pliers for the rusty chain and at the End use the oil for the gate to enter.
In front of the Door to Family Tomb: Take the left arrow.
Play HO.

Objective of Puzzle: yellow, red and blue balls move to their according exit.
To pull the ball click on it and drag the mouse past the ball until an arrow appears.
You let now the mouse go and the ball will move.Solution: Pull the blue ball down.
Pull the yellow one down and to the left.
Pull the red ball to the right.
Pull the blue to the right, upwards and EXIT.
Pull the red ball down, left and EXIT.
Pull the yellow ball to the right, upwards, to the left, downwards and EXIT.
Collect Yellow Wing Medallion.
Click on the sparkling area in front of you.
Courtyard Focus: Play HO. Puzzle: Objective is to turn, that all of the hexagon shaped discs have the pictures on top.
Collect Blue Wing Medallion.
Take right arrow.
Play HO.
Puzzle: 4 angel wings AW and 4 bat wings BW.
Objective is to have the angel wings where the bat wings are and vise verso.
Tip: Make sure to have an AW beside a BW or a BW beside an AW while you move them.
At the end, when you fill in, there you have same ones together.

Solution: Angel Wings: 4, 3, 2, 1 AW.
Bat Wings: 1, 2, 3, 4 BW
Move BW1 1step.
Jump with AW1 over it.
Move AW2 1step.
Jump with BW over it.
Jump with BW2 over AW.
Move BW3 1 step.
Jump with AW1 over it.
Jump with AW2 over BW.
Jump with AW3 over BW.
Move AW4 1step.
Jump with BW1 over it.
Jump with BW2 over AW.
Jump with BW3 over it.
Jump with BW4 over AW.
Move AW1. Jump AW2 over BW.
Jump AW3 over BW.
Jump AW4 over BW.
Move BW2 1step.
Jump BW3 over AW.
Jump BW4 over AW.
Move AW3. Jump with AW4 over BW.
Move BW4. Collect Rose Medallion and click on sparkling area

Focus Rubble area: Play HO game.
Puzzle is to get all the the same signs, where they belong in horizontal lines.
Just work your way around the fixed blocks.

Collect Star Medallion Family Tomb Door
Puzzle all the medallions you have collected are now in the puzzle.
Place them into the same colored circle with clicking on one of the 4 outer orange buttons to rotate 3 of them.
Click on the door to enter grave

Family Tomb grave
Collect 12 cobwebs.
Click on the right arrow

Right of Family Tomb grave
Play Shadow HO, there are pieces of a shield to collect.
Click on left arrow Shield
Click on the sparkling shield and reassemble it with your collected pieces.
Puzzle: picture memory.
Two matching ones disappear.
Opening: in front of you.
click on it.
Zoomed in Opening Play HO and memorize the wooden plank

Wooden Plank3 Way Cave: You come to a cave with 3 Maze Entrances.
At the left side you have a white writing on the wall.
It states: start. START: go Left, Right, Up, Right, Up.
Remember the Wooden Plank

Front door: Click on it and again to zoom in.
In your inventory you have the solution, it’s a picture of a Wind Rose.
Click on each ring and turn. Remember W is on top.
This one is a little tricky, you have to match each line of the startshapes precisely.

Stairs with Rubble
Play HO game Dark area
You enter a dark area.
Collect 5 torches and matches.

Sphynx Hallway
Click on End of Hallway Sphynx
On top of her Head it has a rectangle with a Number puzzle.
Move the blocks to get a result, from top left to bottom right, from 1 to 15.
Remember the note: NOTHING
Click on top of the sphinx, which has now glowing eyes.
You enter a room.
An altar is positioned In the middle of it.

Final Hall Mirror
On top of the altar you see a shattered mirror.
Click on it and click again to focus.
Assemble it and place your mirrored note from inventory on the mirror.

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