Guides to Solve The Secret of Hildegards Walkthrough Part One: Garden

Family State
This is the front gate and all you have to do is click to enter the area
The front door of the building will be ahead and you have to choose right arrow on the appeared side

The Secret of Hildegards

Garden Walkway
Sparkling areas will appear namely Bench Puzzle, Car and Right of Rear Statue1.
Solving bench puzzle
Just click on the area to both play hidden object HO and get a puzzle.
Object will fit in the different forms into the square and you just hold left click to drag them wherever you want it to be appeared in that place then let it go for a play as it will be locked by itself.
Then do left clicking them to flip the pieces 1/4 turn

Guide to solve the step
Locate the dark green triangle on the top right corner of the square and place the olive colored angled rectangle underneath it then get it flipped to upright position
Locate the orange square under the top corner of the dark green triangle and fill in to the left and right side of it the small triangles
Finally the diagonal empty spot with in two purple big triangles will be completed just flip them to fit
Click on the sparkling token to finish the step

Solving car puzzle
Click on it to play puzzle in HO.
In this zone you have 9 numbers and the hint is to sum every single number to get 15 every line namely vertical, horizontal and diagonal.
Then click on each number and drag it to where you want it to be placed.
Each covered number will trade the place and every right row will light up blue.Guide to solve the step

left to right Top Row: 8, 3 and 4.
Middle row: 1, 5 and 9
Bottom Row: 6, 7 and 2.
Collect the sparkling token to finish the step

Solving right of rear statue puzzle
Click on it to play puzzle in HO.
The purpose is to get the green square into the green exit and the red square into the red exit.
To move the square in the desired direction just click and drag it out of square range till the arrow appears in the front point then let it go.
Now the new square has been moved successfully

Guide to solve the step
Green: Right
Red: Right
Up and Right
Green: Down
Left and Up.

For final step click on the sparkling token and click on the arrow at the right bottom side then at the Estate use the left arrow.
Gazeebo Garden
At this point sparkling areas will appear namely left gazeebo, fountain and upstairs

Solving fountain puzzle
Click on it to play puzzle in HO.
In this step you have to locate the cogs in the right position

Guide to solve the step
From right bottom to the top: small, middle, big, small and big
In a wavy line use the middle lined notches to place the cogs.
Select the sparkling token

Solving upstairs puzzle
Click on it to play puzzle in HO.
In this step the purpose is to get a picture using all the arrows as in situated at all 4 sides and to change the position of the squares in that specific row.

Guide to solve the step
Picture is a circle, which frames a protracted Triangle with rounded edges.
It frames a Swirl, which is located at the top part and two E’s underneath it.
They face outwards.
One E to the left side and the other E to the right side.
Click on the sparkling token

Solving left gazeebo puzzle
Click on it to play puzzle in HO.
In this step the puzzle is brown squares light and dark ones.

To turn the squares into the blocks just click on it.
The purpose is to turn them all into the light with brown squares color.Guide to solve the step

Start clicking on the bottom left corner and work your steps diagonal upwards to the right top corner.
Go now to the left top corner and work your steps diagonal downwards to the bottom right corner You actually click a cross X.

To finalize all the steps just collect the sparkling token.
Just click on the front of the Estate with a sparkling door by using the right arrow at the bottom.

Now all your collected emblems are added into this puzzle.
All have to do is just place them into their correct space which is in orange buttons turning 3 of them.
The purpose is to fit the colored token into the coordinated circle.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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