Hints to Solve The Secret of Hildegards Walkthrough Part Two: Estate Groundfloor

Play 3 areas in HO to combine elements and click on the elements and pull them into the 2 bottom holes.
Just hover them them to give them name.

The Secret of Hildegards

Hint of Combining Elements
Water and Earth = Sand.
Sand and Fire = Glass.
Beam and Water = Energy.
Energy and Glass is the last one.

Take the left arrow if two arrow appears then click on the door.
The puzzle is to pick the lock.
Click on the pin end to move one lock part up.
The puzzle will reset by itself if the wrong part is picked.

Guide to solve the step
From left to right 4, 2, 3 and 1

Solving Hallway
In hallway 4 sparkling areas will appear then click first door

Guide to solve the first door
Get the key to the right side
To move the rectangles you can move the key to one position forward to get the bottom rectangle first up.
Then move the key back that you can move the long ones down.

Guide to solve the second door
Connect the pipes
At top Right: Elbow (L), Horizontal straight pipe, Elbow down, Straight vertical Pipe, T-Piece facing (L) T-Piece facing down, Horizontal straight pipe and Elbow facing down

Guide to solve the third door in living room
Puzzle: Left 3 little Devils and Right 3 Knights.
Purpose: get the 3 little Devils to the Right and the 3 Knights to the Left.
From left to Right Devils: D1, D2, D3 Knights: K3, K2, K1
Move K3 1 step, Move D3 over K3, Move D2 1 step, Move K3 over D2, Move K2 over D3, Move K1 1 step, Move D3 over K1, Move D2 over K2, Move D1 over K3, Move K3 one step, Move K2 over D1, Move K1 over D2, Move D2 1 step, Move D1 over K1, Move K1 one step.

For Lock Door Stairscase
Click with your keys on the door, as soon as you get the right position for that specific key, it disappears and one Lock opens.
Use all your keys to open the door.

Solving Kitchen Puzzle
The main point is 2 overlapping circles.
The objective is: one color on the left side, one where the 2 circles overlap middle and 1 color on the right side.

On top of the circles there are two arrows located.
The left side rotates 1/2 turn and the right side 1/4 turn.
Guide to solve the step
The Left side: Red.
The Overlapping part: Yellow.
The Right side: Green

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