Money Cash Cheats in Final Fantasy IV on iPhone

In final fantasy 4 game, you control your characters to move and interact with people and enemies on a field map representing a variety of settings, such as towers, caves, and forests.

Final Fantasy IV

And the player has to fight against monsters at random intervals on the world map and in dungeons.
In the Game Center support the players can earn achievements and track progress against friends.

You can also discover clues about your next destination by using it.
When fighting against enemies in the battle field you can use magic or an item, retreat, change character positions, parry, or pause.

You can use some equipments including swords and armor that you buy or find in dungeons to increase damage inflicted on monsters or minimize received damage.
Only select the characters with special skills to appear on the front line of a battle or in the back.

You have to restore the characters’ hit points by having them sleep in an inn
Using items in the party’s inventory including a potions, as well as healing magic spells will be a great way to refill your hit points as well.

Every character will gain new, more powerful abilities with battle experience by involving in combat and quest.
A strong magic user may have low defense, while a physical fighter may have low agility.

Magic users will gain magic spells at preprogrammed experience levels or fixed story events.
Magic is classified into three categories
White magic is for healing and support
Black magic is for offense
Summon or call magic is for summoning monsters to attack or carry out specialized applications.

Every character will be capable of leveling up his abilities and even switching job types to gain access to new skills and abilities.

Design your balanced team consisting of fighters, healers, and magic users then try to create a party which suits your personal preference down to the finest detail.

Afterward your team will be ready to explore every location and complete every optional quest to collect more valuable items and money cash

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