Coins Gems Cheats Hungry Shark Evolution on iPhone 5

In hungry shark evolution game, all you will do is to eat things including people and avoid starving, fish and other objects that damage you.
Here, coins and gems are the main currencies in this game

shark evo tips

Coins are the primary currency and are used to buy most of what you need
And, gems are the premium currency and are used

All you have to do is to find a gem fish
A gem fish itself is a fat green fish that only pops up every so often
This fish is rather difficult to find as it moves randomly from places to others
Besides it usually tends to be in deeper, darker areas of the ocean, and the more advanced the shark, the more it tends to happen.

Try to stay alive for as long as you possibly can, to increase the survival bonus in order to max out the coins as well.
Remember that every second ticking will cause the survival bonus to increase
So if you eat more fishes, you will have the less fish to eat later

On the other side stretch out the eating of fish, people, pelicans and soon.
Any edible creature such as fish, crab, human with coins will be gold in color so you have to eat them to gain more coins

Try also to eat enough of them in a short time to start a gold rush, which temporarily turns all of the creatures in the water gold and allows you to max out on coins for this duration.

Find a number of different sunken items at the bottom of the stage with 15 in total per each time that you play so that you can earn massive amounts of bonus points and coins.

Afterward follow the signs with the arrows to find good bonuses too, but you have to get enough breath or energy left or sufficient food to eat and to recover it.
Try to search these stages along the bottom of the ocean and the bottom of various caves.
Note that there will be 15 collection items per stage in which you have to pay 25 coins per stage each time that you play.

Try to find these items in the same locations so that it will be easy to find them time and time again.
Just collect the daily reward chest once per day in order to earn you hundreds of coins as well.

During stages You have to eat a whole lot of sea creatures at a high rate of speed during stages to start earning bonus multiplier and gold rush bonuses which earns you a large amount of coins.

Go after large packs of small sea creatures to load up on the gold rush bonuses then swim in circles through the packs to keep going back and getting all of the little fish.
Find enough schools of fish and you can even earn up to 16 times or higher multiplier, and bunch of coins.

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