Silver Gold Cheats Hunter Island iPhone

When playing hunter island pocket trend game, you must complete every quest to get gold cash and arkadions freely
Here, you will play as a Hunter trying to discover the truth of why a previously-peaceful king has suddenly sent out his Arkadions to fight and kill on a massive scale to the others.

hunter island tips

In the way of your investigation, you will be brought to some quests that you will have to go through in order to gather either silver or gold as the money cash of this game

For such reasons, you will do to complete as many quest as possible to get money and valuable items in which they are also a great way to build up your Arkadions’ experience.

When having your journey of those quests, you will explore many towns offering quests that can be completed in the vicinity whereby you can also earn experience, silver, gold, and eggs.

Once collecting enough money, you can go to the market to buy Arkadion eggs, recipes, and ocarinas that lengthen your Arkadion lineup and give you stat boosts throughout the game.

Furthermore, you can earn silver in chests and after completing quests.
And collecting gold will be scattered on the quests that you must complete in that it can be used to buy valuable items in the game’s markets, including eggs containing powerful Arkadions.

In addition, except gold, you can also gather free stuff when you are in town
Because of this, just visit buildings marked by a pair of scales that will lead you to collect freebies, including rare Arkadions for free.

Your Arkadions will earn experience when they participate in victorious battles in which they will also level up and become stronger when they gain enough experience.

In order to collect new arkadions, you can catch them once you meet on the field and in caves then tap on the card icon next to a wild Arkadion’s name to capture it.
In accordance with this, you must focus on the percentages you are given when trying and catching those arkadions along the game.

On the other side, exploring caves entirely will give you tons of cash and you will be also challenged to capture certain monsters whenever you visit a cave.
Therefore, try to nab them all for having great rewards.

Every arkadion you have caught will belong to elements such as fire, water, wind, earth, shadow and holy.
For further, these elements will give your monster an advantage or disadvantage in battlefield.

Fire Arkadions are weak against water Arkadions.
Water Arkadions is weak against wind Arkadions.
Wind Arkadions is weak against earth Arkadions.
Fire Arkadions is strong against earth Arkadions.
Shadow Arkadions is weak against holy Arkadions.

According to that lineup, up to three Arkadions can fight for you at one time while the rest of them will remain in the lineup.
On the other side, your Arkadions will also grow if they get involved in fight against enemies.

When having been in the battlefield, if an Arkadion on the front lines falls in battle, the next Arkadion in the lineup moves forward.
Thus, you can increases the number of Arkadions that you can take into battle if you buy more powerful ocarinas from the market.

Besides, you will have to try finding recipes to let you combine two Arkadions into a stronger beast in which these recipes are usually awarded when you complete quests, but you can also spend gold to purchase them in the market

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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