Hyper Pack Gems Cheats Dungeon Legends iPhone

Dungeon Legends is the newest product of Digital Things in which this is the game about the ultimate dungeon crawling experience that you can play on ios devices.

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In this game, you will be brought to explore each area and battle with enemies with a variety of skills while collecting any items there

When exploring each area, you may sometimes see traps there
You can take this trap as an advantage to bait enemies to go there or you can fight against them near that place since they will take a lot of damage if they go to that trap in each area

Before going to explore each area, you must train your hero first
After training your hero, he will gain a permanent boost

In line with this, be sure to level up strength stat, since this is physical and magical defense of your hero
Leveling up strength will increase your auto attack damage, and physical and magical defense will then improve your defenses against enemies attacks.

On the other side, you must learn as many skills as you can
In accordance with this, if you learn more skills, you will have a big chance to survive in the game

At this point, you can learn skills such as as Heal and Iron Body.
Anyway, you must have a bunch of gold by selling old equipment and completing missions so that you can purchase some useful skills

After having some skills, you can try to take out the dungeon at a higher difficulty level.
In this level, you will deal with stronger enemies and the traps to handle, and you will get big rewards if you can overcome each obstacle there

Always looking for any objects such as barrels, weapon racks, etc to destroy, as they will usually have experience or gold, and even gear to collect

Gold and gems are the main currencies of this game
You can get gold by defeating enemies in the battle

Anyway, gems seems to be hard to get as this is the premium currency of this game
To get those gems, you will mainly have to complete each given mission

Furthermore, you will also have to look for any treasure by sending an explorer into the dungeons
Make sure to have an explorer searching at all times, when you are out of the game

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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