How to Get Extra Cubes Crystals in Icycle On Thin Ice for iPhone

In icycle on thin ice game, play as Dennis riding his cycle across the frozen landscape and looking for his lover who is the lovely lady he always dreams of and you will collect floating ice blocks as much as you can to purchase certain items

icycle on thin ice tips

During your journey, you will take him across all sorts of bizarre locations, from shifting caverns to the interior of his own dreams.
And you will be tasked to get to the exit while collecting as many floating ice cubes as you can.

Throughout the game, you will have to collect ice blocks as he traverses the levels.
With these ice blocks, you can buy various items and upgrades between levels such as purchasing clothes that are included in funny hats, shirts, and boots, etc.

On the other side, your purchases range from the useful floating umbrellas and ice vacuums to cosmetic hats and sweaters.
You can also save up those ice cubes to buy cube doubler, extra lives and level skips.

Besides, you can also upgrade your bicycle, umbrella, and even get a vacuum to help collect more ice blocks for unlocking the bonus Dream content
Note that only pick up some extra pieces of clothing when you have nothing else practical to spend your ice on.

Thus, all you need to do is to ride your bike across the snow tapping left and right arrows plus a jump button that doubles as “float” when you are equipped with an umbrella.

Try to complete one of the special extra challenges by simplifying the objectives to make things a bit easier like playing the original Icycle from within the game by completing 80 special challenges.

Afterward, just move on and get a few more nailed to unlock this bonus content such as special items that offer an even more surreal experience than usual

In line with this, just go to the upgrade tab, tap on Dreams, then select one of the two bonus levels currently available to see which items you need to unlock this bonus content.

Certain sections of the game will come to platforms that contain exploding crystals.
When getting to this circumstance, you have to get into the habit of timing these explosions in the back of your mind

Then, you have to move into your next position a second or so before you know the detonation is going to occur at that time.
Doing so will give you a consideration between safety, and let the road up ahead open up more.

When you are faced with a particular tricky series of jumps, you can use your umbrella whereby this as your life-saving device that can be used to slow down the action very helpfully

Anyway, using this umbrella will let you stay alert of traps ahead your track in which you have to remember to press and hold the jump button again to deploy your umbrella in midair.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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