Money Cheats Illusia 2 iPhone

In illusia 2 game, you can get godlike equips and godlike attack damage by following these steps
Before doing this actions make sure to backup your original files of your phone

ilusia 2 tips trick

Use iexplorer, i-funbox or SSH into you device such as WinSCP or any other software similar with it
Download i-FunBox the rar file and extract all the files to var/mobile/Applications/illusia2/Documents

Just tap the movement buttons twice in order to send you into a sprint.
Tap down double to descend platforms.
Note that always dive into the stat menus once you level-up in this game.
The secret to refine items is if you put the more gear you will get the more powerful item if the refine is successfully done

You can also get more stats points quickly with these instructions
Download GameCIH2 Modif and Magic File
Open “GameCIH2” you ave installed into your phone and run game illusia 2 then load your save file
Go to your status screen,if your level 200 you do not have to spend stat points, you will have a exact 199 Stat Point.
Notice the + sign and above it is your current Stats
Just tap each + sign in that it should be 4 categories
Open GmCiH2 Search 1
Just repeat step 5 and Search 2,again step 5 search 3, 4 Addresses will appear Edit it to your Liking such as 3000 number
The Number above the + Sign will change
Remember not to tap + sign again as it will crash the game and corrupt your data
Just tap Shop -> tap yes and your good to go
Now just save what you have done so far

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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