Blue Diamonds Cheats Incoming Goblins Attack on iPhone

Incoming Goblins Attack is a new tower defense game will bring you to go through 160 stages and counting levels, and you will be assigned to accomplish your main goal that is to get through every single one of them with three stars.

Incoming! Goblins Attack TD Tips

At the beginning of the game, you will start off with three main types of towers to build.
The mage tower is best used against single enemies that are bound to the ground, as these towers are heavily armored.

Cannon towers are most effective against little enemies that roam around in swarms, as it does immense amounts of splash damage but it fires slowly to clear them out.
And the arrow tires are strong against flying enemies.

Anyway, before building any sort of towers, just hit the pause button and hit the ā€œiā€ info button to see what kinds of enemies will be coming.
In the mean time, you will have a strong combination of all three of the troop types, but some runs might have no flyers or no small cluster enemies, making it worthless to build either arrow towers or cannon towers.
Every run will have some strong solo enemies, in which making mage towers will be the most important tower to have along the game.

If you want to get three stars, just go back to old stages and play them all over again.
The more stars that you earn on a stage, the more upgrades you can buy, because they will work as your upgrade currency.

In line with this, you will be given with a finite number of stars that you can earn
And you will not be allowed to buy more stars, but if you want to reset your upgrades and get all of your stars back, it only costs two gems.

To access the upgrades menu, just tap the ā€œ+ā€ button, and tap back and forth between your skills and your towers using the two tabs in the upper right hand corner.
The upgrades will give you that little extra push that you need to defeat the tougher stages.

Remember to always use the stage itself to your advantage.
At this point, you have to set your towers close to your territory
At the same time, you should work your way back so that you can hit as many enemies as possible in settings where the paths fork.

Furthermore, you can also activate the seals on the stages to slow down enemies
Doing so will give your towers more time to maul them as well.

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