How to Increase Efficiency Production in Kiwi Farm iPhone

In kiwi farm game, you are in charge of a fantastical kiwi farm with all kinds of goofy critters helping you to grow kiwis, label them and feed them to the baby who oddly eats a massive amount of kiwis.

Kiwi Farm Cheats

In order to get more the efficiency production of kiwi you have to gain levels and earn new spots on the vine
Afterward you have to build more pack houses and kiwi farms in equal proportion in order to maximize your efficiency.

Just build new beehives and kiwi farm workers as needed you will have to run back and forth between all of the farms and pack houses fairly quickly.
Try to put many pack houses and kiwi farms near each other

Afterward you have to put also one worker and one beehive in the middle of the pack houses and kiwi farms so that the worker and the bees will be easy to move and go quickly to between the farms and pack houses.

When growing a lot of kiwis efficiency is more than enough try to save up your coins in order to upgrade your labeling machine.
It is necessary to do as the labeling machine will be quickly your limiting factor in earning more kiwis

On the other side when taking part in the contest it will involve feeding a bunch of kiwis to the baby
Because of this always try to upgrade your labeling machine to get the better result in the contest.

Note that feeding the baby will take the same back-and-forth path
Try to change directions at the exact same in two points every time as those are the points at the left and right edges of the screen.

And by knowing this, you can time every kiwi drop perfectly.
When your kiwi is in the middle, drop the kiwi slightly in the direction that he is going
When almost reaching the edges, drop the kiwi directly over his head in order him to get on the fly when he changes directions.

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