Money Chips Cheats Infinity Blade 3 iPhone

In infinity blade 3 game, are chips and gold are two currencies that you can get from defeating enemies, opening chests, selling items and finding bags scattered throughout the environments.

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Secondly, this game will allow you to earn Chips by completing a variety of goals.
So try to find the following goals to pull the chips into your inventory

Gotcha will offer 500 Chips by obtaining the Infinity Blade
Traveling without moving will give you 20 Chips by doing five super moves
Steady Supplier makes 100 Chips in that you must purchase three items from the merchant
Empire Building will earn you 1,000,000 gold.

On the other side, you must collect all rewards manually to receive the Chips.
And you can mix up your approach to combat to gain chips easily whereby you have to get the early Goal tiers nailed by using lots of different combat types.

Once collecting those chips, you can use them for health, for starters, along with keys to open chests, ingredients to brew potions and prize wheels.
And the more chips you have the more weapons and equipment to unlock

Keep scanning environments to find hidden sacks of gold and ingredients.
In the latter, you will often see crates lying around, or plants growing along the landscape then tap these items to collect either gold or ingredients.

Remember as you have limited control over the camera during most cut scenes in that doing a shift to the right or left may come to gold or ingredients as well.
Seeking is important to complete Goals, and to collect the rewards ranging from executing 200 combo attacks to casting magic 50 times.

The Potion-master will give you a variety of potions that imbue your hero with enhanced stats.
Therefore, you will need the ingredients to make it happen.

When at The Hideout, just visit him by tapping the blue circle on the tower.
Drag the ingredients that you want from the list on the left to the right side of the screen, then press the Cook button.
Afterward, you can either wait until the potion is complete, or spend Chips to finish it quickly.

Always check Supplies, Skills and Goals categories.
Skills means you have points to assign
Goals let you know there are rewards to collect.

Use Skill Points to boost a character’s Health, Attack, Shield and Magic while at the same time unlocking new skills in the process.
Change a character’s weapon to fit his or her fighting style based on each category’s effect like having a spear to eliminate your ability to dodge in the battle field.

To parry enemies will allow you to score rapid-fire moves to drain their energy in that you simply swipe just before the enemy strikes.
Equip gems to add perks so that you can boost your defense, attack power or increase the ability to find gold along the game.
Then equip your heroes with helms, shields, armor and rings as well.

Equipping your hero with rings will cast different forms of magic that help your character and damage the opponent in the combat zone.
In line with this, you just wait until the magic orb on the top right is full, then tap and trace the necessary shape to cast the desired magic.

To survive along the game, it will rely on all the gold, chips, items and XP you have collected while competing in a less difficult Awakening to increase your character’s strength.

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