Coins Cheats KnightScape on iPhone

In knightscape game, you will take a role as Peasants evolving into wealthy Princes and fighting ruthless enemies on a journey to resce a beautiful Princess.

KnightScape on iPhone

So that prove yourself to be a true warrior and the toughest one to win the heart of princess.
You must try to win 1 to 1 battle mode to get special items including some coins.

In this an epic sword game you will be fighting and fast-paced running action across 9 levels which will also be culminating in the ultimate Man vs. Dragon battle.

During battle you will have to overcome flying fireballs, sharpened spikes, swinging axes, deadly swordsmen and so much more so that it will give you a chance of getting rewards as bonus.

Doing combat on every level players will be armed in which they can customize their character and maximize his performance while seeking the combination that leads to victory.

You have to dodge fireball and fight dragons as well and also will be navigating through endless testing challenges in this epic sword game for ios generation

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