Money Crystals Cheats in Cityland iPhone

In cityland game, you have to discover and make real friends as you embark on an adventure to build the most awesome mobile city in the world
Then, you must build homes to house your residents, and build businesses to give them something to do and somewhere to spend their money.

Cityland for iPhone

Beside building house you can also build farm plots to produce goods for supply more product for the businesses.
You have to start reducing the number of streets and organize your businesses around them if you are running out of space in your city.

Note that one square of street will be enough to power your houses and businesses, even if it is not connected to any other streets, so get rid of some of your streets and then place houses next to them in order to make your city more space-efficient.

In order to operate your farms well, do not place them next to any streets.
Just move them away from the street if you have already placed them next to streets so that you have more room next to the street to build houses and businesses.

You can also move away other buildings from the streets which do not include either in farms or businesses, such as decorations or barns.
Do not place water towers, wind farms and other passive buildings next to the street in order to operate them well as they increase the amount of water capacity and the amount of energy capacity that you have in your city.

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