How to Solve All Levels in 100 FLoors Game iPhone

Game 100 FLoors is the puzzle game to challenge user for solving every level in stepping floor by floor successfully.
It is an advance floor consists of 30+ levels of puzzles waiting to be solved cleverly

Game 100 FLoors

Level 5 you got to shake the phone again with the ladder
Level 6- move right plant and press all the lights similar to light behind plant
Level 7- tilt device to left until the rock is over the button

Level 8- sort out fruits until you find the banana.
Give the banana to the gorilla.
Level 10- shake device then swipe finger in the direction of the arrow
Level 11-Tilt your phone until the two balls are both in the middle and the three lights on top of the doors turn on.
Level 12-Tap the red buttons until the balls reach the top and turn the lights green.
Level 13-Shake your device until the hammer falls.
Tap on the hammer and use it to break down the brick wall.

Level 14-Hold your finger on the green pad until all the lights turn on.
Level 15-Tap the code – 1643

Level 16-Pick up the screwdriver and use it to unscrew and remove the place.
Turn your device upside down to open the doors.

Level 17 just roll ball to match the lines which is on the side of the doors
Level 18 you must press all blue lights rapidly so they are all turned on.

Level 19 Use the rag on the floor to clean the cobweb off of the door.
Keep rubbing the door with the rag until it is clean.

Level 20 Move the yellow sign and put the screw in the whole.
Use the screwdriver to tighten the screw.

Level 21 Hold phone straight up until lights turn yellow
Level 23 – Tap the green light to turn on the lights.
Place the metal plate on the door then tap the flowers from right to left.

Level 27 Move the silver figure on the right and use the hammer to break the crack in the wall.
Tap the crank and place it in the middle of the door.
Turn the crank until all the lights turn green.

Level 28 tap the screen as the pattern goes above the door
Level 29 just keep it phone down on the table or anywhere , the bomb countdown will begin itself.
Level 30 Make sure you press hold and pull down lever and that the time is exact

Level 31 You have to make each angle = 12.
If it has 5 dots then that is equal to 5.
If it only has one dot then that is equal to 1.
Now just make each angle = 12 and you are good to go.

Level 34 It does not matter how you select the letters or in what order.
Just spell out 100 Floors.
Make sure you do not select any extra letters.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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