Hints to Overcome 100 FLoors Level 1-20 Game iPhone

Follow these tricks to complete 100 FLoors Level 1-20 game on ios android
Floor 1st: Tap the green up button to open the door to find the green arrow to continue to the next level.

Game 100 FLoors

Floor 2nd: Move a garbage can to the side and pick up the green triangle.
Tap the triangle to your inventory and put it in the empty slot to the right of the elevator.
You need to press it to open the door.

Floor 3rd: Just tilt your phone.
Floor 4th: Grab two doors with your fingers and try them to open.
Floor 5th: To make the ladder falls you need to shake the screen and you can move to the next floor.

Floor 6th: Move one of two plants on the right.
See the sun-like button; tap this button to make it yellow.
There will be three other buttons on the door.
Tap them to make the sun turn to yellow.

Floor 7th: You will see a rock on this floor.
Tilt your phone left until the rock moves onto the red button on the left.

Floor 8th: Move all fruits until you find a banana.
Take the banana and select it.
Use the banana on the gorilla.

Floor 9th: Tap the big circles until they match the little circles.

Floor 10th: Turn your phone upside-down and shake it really hard to get rid of the snake.
See the arrow; trace it on the door to open it.

Floor 11th: Just find kind of labyrinth game then tilt your phone to get the balls in the hole at the same time and causing the lights above the door to light up green.

Floor 12th: The red button is the part of the floor on this level needed to pay attention.
Hit each red button until it hit the top and turning the light green.

Floor 13th: Just use the hammer to break the wall and go through it.
In order to get the hammer you need to shake your phone until the hammer falls.

Floor 14th: Hold your thumb on the green handprint until the five light turn green and you will get the access to the next floor.
Floor 15th: Tap the keys 1, 6, 4, 3 to open the door easily.

Floor 16th: There is a plate that locked with screws.
Take the screwdriver and unscrew them to open the plate.
Turn your phone upside-down to open the door and move to the next floor.

Floor 17th: Just use the lines as a guide to press the button start from the top, 1 left, 2 right, 3 left, 2 right that you find on this floor.

Floor 18th: The five squares that you find on this floor need to be lit at the same time to open the door.
You can lighting up the left side from up to down, then the right side up to down.

Floor 19th: You will see the door is covered with cobweb.
You need to make it clean by using the rag on the floor.
Pick it and clean the door until it is clean.

Floor 20th: You will find a sign. Take a screw from the ground and place in the hole and use the screwdriver to tighten it.

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