How to Solve Game 100 FLoors Level 21-40 iPhone

Follow these tips to solve of 100 FLoors Level 21-40 game on ios android
Floor 21th: Just hold your phone upright so that the eye was open. Hold it until all the yellow light turn on.

Game 100 FLoors

Floor 22th: The clue to pass the floor is the right statue.
Break it with hammer, and follow the direction to open the door, swipe up-right-left-down.

Floor 23th: Tap the green the spot to turn all the lights on.
Place the metal plate on the doors. Tap the buttons in order from most petals to least petals.

Floor 24th: Just use your two fingers to slide up the door then use your third finger to tap the arrow to move to the next floor.
Floor 25th: Find the circle and slide the circles on the door up and down in order to match the locations of the circle on the floor.

Floor 26th: Take the batteries and place them in the slots available to make the bar green.
Put the last two batteries on the door.

Floor 27th: Find the crack on the wall by moving the white block on the right.
Break the wall using the hammer and take the crank.
Place the crank in the hole in the door and turn it until the lights turn green.

Floor 28th: Treat the dots above the door like Morse code.
Tap two times quickly and wait until the rainbow disappears.
Continue and wait at each space.
It will be 2 taps, pause, 3 taps, pause, 1 tap, pause, 2 taps, pause and the door will open.

Floor 29th: Lay the phone flat on its back and wait the number to count down to 1 and let the bomb explode to make the door open.
Floor 30th: Look at the current time and then set the clock to that time.

Level 31th: Tap to select screwdriver and touch each screw in the sign
Then turn the sign right side up.

Level 32th: Each dice must sum to 12.
Change the position of the dots by tapping the 2 that needs to be exchanged.

Level 33th: Just tap color button to correspond to the items on the door.
Cloud and Snowflakes: White Button, Banana and pear = Yellow Button, Fire and Cherries = Red Button.
Tap the green arrow to advance to the next Level.

Level 34th: Just tap and select 100 FLOORS.
Tap the green arrow to advance to the next Level.

Level 35th: Just tap the power to plug in.
Tap parts of digital so that number 35 appears.
Tap the green arrow to advance to the next Level.

Level 36th: Tap the images: Fish, Dog, Fruit, Airplane and Moon
Level 37th: Move the left corner piece to find a black ball bearing and click on it to find a green button.
Move the barrel from its place to the right to move the green button up.
Move the black ball bearing on the right side of the door up.

Level 38th: Tap left, top right, button right in order to coordinate timers to hit green at the same time and the Door will be opened
Level 39th: Tap and Drag 0 to 1, 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4.
Level 40th: Mute your device or the phone volume down.
The door will be opened.

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