How to Complete Game 100 FLoors Level 41-80 iPhone

Just follow these instructions carefully to get 100 FLoors Level 41-60 completed successfully
FLoor 41th
Touch the Ants and See the Ants walk path.
Follow the steps
Top Left = Triangle
Top Right = Line
Botton Left = Double Triangle
Bottom Right = Triangle.
The door will be opened.

Game 100 FLoors

FLoor 42th:
Tap the Button at the bottom right to turn off the light and We will see two oranges shapes.
Slide the Door to the right and Left side And Up and Down.
Follow the steps
Top Left block = Triangle
Top Right block = Square
Bottom Left block = Circle
Bottom Right = Rhombus
The door will be opened.

FLoor 43th:
Slide the Plants.
Put the metal ball to the left hold.
Tilt your phone follow the Path that on the floor until the metal ball touch the green button

FLoor 44th:
Follow the steps
The first shape = Gray
The Second shape = White
The Third shape = Black
The Fourth shape = White
The door will be Opened.

FLoor 45th:
Hit the fan with Hammer from inventory.
Tap the knife at the bottom left corner.
Select the knife for cut the line of the balloon.
Tilt the phone and make the balloon fly to hit the red button.
The door will be opened

FLoor 46th:
Just follow the reflection from the Bottom floor.

FLoor 47th:
Focus on the wall

FLoor 48th:
Use the knife to cut all the ivies that are covering the door.
Follow the steps
Tap the white button 5 Times
Tap the Yellow button 5 times
Tap the pink button 4 times.

FLoor 49th:
Tap Pa, S, S, W, O, Rd to open the door

FLoor 50th:
Touch the door as quickly until the gray bar turns green and the door will be opened.

FLoor 56th:
Playing such a minesweeper to find some boxes and you need to guess the right location so that you will have successfully open the door.
The clue is to count the flags beside the number and you might pass the level.
The order will be like this: X4XX 3XX5 X5XX 2X4X

FLoor 57th:
Just press and hold the red button until the hook move from the left to the right.
Hold the red button until it is above the metal ball.
You may press the red button if you pass the metal ball.
If you are right above the metal ball, you can slide down the hook and press the red button again.
The hook will bring the metal ball to the middle of the door.
Touch the metal ball 3 times and it will break the door.
Now, you can enter the door.

FLoor 58th:
Just see that there are a lot of numbers on the board.
You will see that there are actually three values within those numbers.
What you need to do is to follow this sequence to press the piano: 321, 233, 312, 23, 21 to open the door.

FLoor 59th:
There will be the stone, the wood and the mirror.
You need to pick the stone and then pick the wood.
Next, use the stone to break the small window on the top left.
It will send the light to the mirror.
Touch the mirror few times until it send the light to the wood pile.
You will see the food pile on fire after awhile.
Take the wood stick with the fire and use it three times to the handle to open the door.

FLoor 60th:
Burn two fire torches on both sides with fire stick.
After you burn the two torches, you will see some color appear.
Follow the sequence to hit the drum.
The sequence will be like this: 4, 2, 1, 4. The door will be opened afterward.

FLoor 61th:
In this level you will see a big clock and it shows 18.30.
You need to follow the order to make it show out 18.30.
Follow this step.
Put the | to the 1st box and take the F to the 2nd box.
Take L to the 4th together with 7.
After that, the 3 will belong to the 3rd box and the last _| to the 2nd box.
You will find the door opened, then.

FLoor 62th:
What you need to do is to cut the red wire beside the door.
Next, you need to touch the left and right button following the order.
Touch the left 4 times and the right button 3 times.
You will be able to enter the door.

FLoor 63th:
Tilt the phone to the left so that you can have white stone on the left red button.
Follow the reflection white and black dotted.
It will be like this.

FLoor 64th:
Just rotate the eye quickly by touching it using your finger.
Do it until the bar to 100% and the door will be opened.

FLoor 65th:
Just touch the yellow button inside the tube.
Follow the instruction to open the door.
Pick up the brown ball and burn the detector using the fire stick.
The water will come and fill up the room.
Put the brown ball to the hole of the tube and it will touch the yellow button.
You can enter the door by now.

FLoor 66th:
Just slide the door from the top to bottom to open it.
Pick the wood stick to take the hook on the left and then use the hook on the door.
Slide it for top to bottom to open the door.

FLoor 67th:
You will need to something with flower in this level.
First, slide the flower pot to the sunlight.
Next, touch the white flower and will fly down on to the flower pot.
Slide the flower pot under the faucet and turn the water down.
The flower will turn on the yellow one.
Put it again on the sunlight until it grows up and the door will be opened.

FLoor 68th:
There will be two things that you need to pick up in this level.
The first one is the star on the floor and the other thing is the wood under the wooden box.
You will see the star mark under the wood. Take the star and put it on the star mark.
The door will be opened by now.

FLoor 69th: There will be a lamp on this level and the room that fully loaded with water.
You need to touch the lamp until it falls down.
When it already 60% of the door, you need to touch the clown fish.
It will go to the direction of the octopus.
After the fish the octopus, the water will be gone.
Cut the seaweed, then.
You will find the door is opened.

FLoor 70th:
You will find the UFO that want to go the home and it is in the room 6.
Press the button by following the order like this: left, right, left, left, right, left, right, right.
You can see the open door, then.

FLoor 71th:
In this level you will have to deal with yin yang things.
You will see there are 8 symbol related to this stuff.
You do not need to pay attention on the other symbol.
Just look at the three symbols on the top.
Follow this order to open the door.
Touch the top left 4 times, touch the middle top 4 times and the top right 6 times.

FLoor 72th:
There will be 5 shape cars with different angle according to its shape.
For example the red triangle will have 3 angle, then you need to put it in the third line and so on with the other.
The yellow will be 0 angle, blue 4 angle, green 5 angle, white 6 angle.
Next, the door will be opened.

FLoor 73th:
There will a bit math in this level.
You need to slide it until the 73 number since it is the 73rd floors.
Follow the order and the number that you have to slide to open the door.
LEFT to RIGHT +20 = 20LEFT to RIGHT *2 = 40BOTTOM to UP -10 = 30RIGHT to LEFT * 3 = 90TOP to BOTTOM / 2 = 45RIGHT to LEFT +15 = 60TOP to BOTTOM / 4 = 15LEFT to RIGHT * 5 = 75BOTTOM to TOP 5 = 70LEFT to RIGHT +3 = 73

FLoor 74th:
You will see a hexagon with six different colors.
Touch the bottom button and you will see the other 5 hexagon with different color.
You will need to arrange the color like this in order to open the door.
Top = Yellow
Top Right = Blue
Bottom Right = Sky Blue
Bottom = Red
Bottom Left = Purple
Top Left = Green

FLoor 75th:
You need to balance the two sides on in this level.
You will need to take the smallest metal on the right side and put on the left side so that you will see that left side will have only the smallest metal and the right side have three other metal that bigger than the metal on the left side.
You will see the right green light appears and then tilt it upside down and you will see another green light appears.

FLoor 76th:
Two things that you need to do.
First, solve the puzzle. Second, put the wooden item to the middle of it and the door will be opened.

FLoor 77th:
What you need to do is only to hold the green button until 35 minutes according to the screen and then release it. Now, you can enter the door.

FLoor 78th:
You need to guess the color on the other side of the cube.
This is the clue. | Blue | | Brown | Green | Red | White | Black | |

FLoor 79th:
Just follow the snake puzzle on the floor. You need to follow it exactly not the shadow.

FLoor 80th:
Read the number from right to left like this 5,4,3,2,1.
What you need to do is to put the fire by following the order and dot mean the button on the floor

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