How to Solve100 Exits Full Levels iPhone

Apperleft has brought 100 Exits, a puzzle game to give users some strategies of how to solve each level to the endIt is coming to iphone, ipad and itouch which requires ios version 3 to get this game run well on that platform

game 100 Exits

How to play 100 exits game
Unlock the EXIT to get to the next level.
Each Level has a clue inside it
Use any possible way to unlock such as Touch, Drag, Tap,Tilt ,Push Buttons and so on.

100 exits level 1
Simply tap the door.

100 exits level 2
Turn your iPhone upside down to remove the bar, then pull the door down to open.

100 exits level 3
Shake phone to drop a key down.
Then use the key in the lock.

100 exits level 4
Quickly ring the bell five times then knock five times.

100 exits level 5
Push the buttons one at a time until the meter goes into the green, then tap the door.

100 exits level 6
Tilt your phone so the bin slides in front of the door.
Then tilt towards you so the bins slides to you, then tilt away so the bin smashes into the door and breaks it.
Move the bin away then exit.

100 exits level 7
Turn off the center dot, then turn top middle, left middle, right middle and bottom middle dots black.
Then the door will change.
Now switch back to the way the dots originally were.
The door will open.

100 exits level 8
You need to complete the circuit.
So turn on the bottom left switch, then the three ones in the bottom right.
Then miss the forth switch up on the right then turn on the fifth and sixth ones up on the right.
This will light up the bulb. Now drag the door open.

100 exits level 9
Tap the two left switches and the two right switches, now open the door.

100 exits level 10
Hold down the home button on the large iPhone, then press the actual home button on your phone.
This will exit the game.
Go straight back onto the game and the door will open.

100 exits level 11
Tap the door quickly 12 times.

100 exits level 12
Hold your finger down on the panel until the door opens.

100 exits level 13
Solve the puzzle to match the OPEN sign above it.

100 exits level 14
Switch the balls round to mirror the image on the floor.
When this matches the door will open.

100 exits level 15
Tap the tiles F,U,L,L, picture of the house.
Then the cards will show a king and ace, now tap the key.

100 exits level 16
Hold your phone flat, the timer should start to count down.

100 exits level 17
Simply press nothing for around ten seconds.

100 exits level 18
Tap the colors on the door, pink, blue, black, yellow, green, pink.

100 exits level 19
Tap O, then turn phone upside down to tap P, then back round to tap E and then N.

100 exits level 20
Turn on the screen with red button, enter the numbers 20, 86, 36, 59, 8 then the door should open after you knock.

100 exits level 21
The puzzle is fairly simple of transferring the rings or colorful donuts over to the left pole from bigger to smaller

100 exits level 22
Wait for the yellow car to drive past then tap the door to be opened while the yellow car passing

100 exits level 23
Shake device until picture falls down.
Then tap the white hammer above the sign, it will fall down after a few taps.
Now use the hammer to tap below the exit sign, keep tapping and you will break through to the door.

100 exits level 24
Move whip below the open sign then tilt your phone forward.
Do this a few times and then the door will open.

100 exits level 25
Move the chess piece bottom left as you would in real chess.
Get it to the top left then the top right.
In addition move the horse up horse can only be moved using an L shape to 1 and 2

100 exits level 26
Tap the word think twice, then tap the right door then the left door.

100 exits level 27
Tap the letters E,X,I,T then the letters x,x,v,i,i. These are the roman numerals for the number 27.

100 exits level 28
Put the paper balls into the trash in order, green, white, red, blue, yellow.

100 exits level 29
Tap the remove ads button in the top right and then click cancel.
Do this four times and then exit.100 exits level 30 Solve the word search.
So first go diagonal from top right to bottom left, tap each letter, this spells 100 exits.
Then the door should appear.
Now from right to left spell out open door, a simple solution to this level.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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