Money Diamonds Cheats Iron Force for iPhone

When playing iron force game, you can get money cash through regular play
Here, you must get a lot of cash, experience, and premium currency through regular play so that you can upgrade your tank and purchase some valuable items for that iron.

iron force tips

Playing regularly will increase your levels and ranks in which this circumstance will unlock more gear and levels for the next stunt.
In addition, with those money or diamonds, you can use them to speed up your stamina or health recharge as it will be the main fuel system of this game

And you can also increase your tank’s firepower, speed, fire rate and more than 100 awesome upgrades that you will get along the game
In the beginning of this game, you must practice your skills against intelligent AI bots

This game is not about charging into the fray firing wildly but it focuses on approaching targets carefully and lining up shots to increase damage for the other opponent`s tank.

Note that it will be a risk to stop out in the open in order to aim properly
However, when that single shot rightly gets half of the target’s health it is sort of worth it.

Furthermore, except better vehicles and gear, there is such a massive discrepancy between firing and movement speed, as well as damage and defense that you can consider when playing this game.

Every player of this game will have a chance of joining AI bots that will be a full roster of combatants.
So create a Legion with your friends and participate in epic, explosive multiplayer tank battles then join 3 vs 3 Team battles or in 6 player Free-for-All mode.

Moreover, this game will put you in the boots of a tank commander to drive in the armored iron and take down anyone who stands in your way.
This game will offer 7 powerful tanks to choose and unlock that can be customized with stat-boosting patterns and decals

Meanwhile, a deep upgrade system will allow you to decide how your tank rides including increasing your firepower, speed, accuracy and more
There will be about 8 in-game power ups to find on the battlefield that you can use to maximize your tank as well.

Thus just roll out your steel vehicle to get through war in four different arenas, each with their own choke points and sniping spots.
Then try to take out your enemies from distance, or drive straight into the fray for collecting rewards and getting glory of your own

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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