Gem Cheats Iron Knights on iPhone

When playing iron knights game, you will have to rescue the world from the Dakr King Maggedron and go back to centuries of peace with the ruling of the Armross Empire.

Iron Knights Tips Strategy

Later on, yo will be assigned to find and defeat hundreds of enemies and massive bosses
Here you can play with up to 4 Fellows and summon your friends’ Hero to aid you in danger and help on your adventure to save the world.

Meanwhile, you can also collect various type of Heroes to build the Best Party from over 200 fellows then upgrade your equipments from over 1000 of items to loot.

You will be challenged to explore in several type modes where you can chase down the monsters in Chasing Mode and fight along with your friends to hunt down Bosses

For further, you can challenge yourself in the Infinite Level Tower of Chaos then fight against others player in PVP mode and also defeat your Rivals at least 5 Rivals Daily

When going through game modes, you can have elemental attributes and ultra powerful skills so that you can deliver devastating amounts of damage with your various skills and abilities

At the same time, you can combine up to 3 skills in a row for maximum damages and select your skill combination from 9 different skills
You can also select strength and weakness of the element types namely Fire, Poison, Lighting, Ice and build an effective team by the elements type of Weapon and Units as well
With these various elements, it becomes apparent that the depth comes from its various ways of mixing up battle along the game.

Furthermore, you will move around each arena with a thumb on the left sided virtual control stick, while your right hand dictates what move you perform.

Working your way through each stage, coming up against yard trash mobs, as well as bosses, in which the key to encouragement will rely on the many pieces of equipment you acquire.
To strengthen your weapon, you will be able to upgrade this equipment as well.

Besides the extensive looting and a helpful leveling up system, you can join together with others which works to expanding your territory and help each other when battling with enemies.

Thus, go questing along with your friends in each area in this game
Then, you will have to gather some valuable equipments that you can upgrade as powerful weapon to fight against some villains scattered in each area.

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