Where to Get New Weapons in Isolani for iPhone

Isolani is a new first person shooter where you are in a proto-apocalyptic setting and only one star in the entire universe is giving off solar energy Here, you must seek the answer one of the greatest mysteries of the cosmos and shoot the robots coming after you as quick as possible.

isolani tips

In the way of accomplishing your main duty, you will be assigned to shoot a bunch of robots that constantly attack you and fight your way through a mysterious and beautiful alien spacecraft and overcome deadly security robots
At the same time, you will have to figure out where to go next by following the marker.

During the gunshot, you will be able to shoot the robots from almost as far away as you want to.
Just aim at them correctly, and shoot at them before they even notice you and come after you.

Anyway, you can easily kill the robots when you are at point blank range.
Therefore, run at them fast enough, and you will not take much damage on the way in then kill them quickly to avoid taking much more damage after that.

This game will ask you to find things by finding the markers in that you must hunt them on your own.
After getting involved in many gun shots, you will be allowed to purchase new weapons with the game’s currency where you are in episode two or three.

You will use type of weapon on each stage from the pistol, the assault rifle to the shotgun.
On the other side, to get a more advanced one of these types of weapons, you will first have to select the stage that the weapon is used at.

Afterward, you can purchase a new weapon.
In line with this, your weapons will have an energy level, and once they run out, you will not use them again until your energy is restored first.

When shooting those robots, the gun will automatically shoot when you aim at something destructible in auto-fire mode.
Meanwhile, you will have to aim and shoot yourself beyond that mode

In order to earn more currencies, just replay old stages again, so that when the new episodes come to next, you will be allowed to purchase better weapons as soon as you unlock them.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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