How to Get High Points in Jelly Plane for iPhone

When playing jelly plane game, try to keep the rhythm of your tapping to make the plane climb up, while holding down your finger to make the plane dive.

jelly plane tips

To get the plane flown steady, you will merely hold your finger onto the screen for short, while tapping bursts to get that plane to fly.
So you will have to get the plane flown far enough you can earn a nice medal

In order to make your plane climb, you simply take your finger off of the screen then balance your climbs and dive with a zen attitude to weave betwixt jellies.

Remember that try not to hit the walls, as the game will be over if you die in a horrific plane crash. For such reasons, you have to avoid hitting these scamps as they try to stop you from earning the medal.

In order to keep your plane climbing and diving, try to tap your finger on and off of the screen in quick succession to keep the plane level.
Just do this when you are passing between jellies in each level.

The explosions in this game are really nice to watch. After hitting a jelly, not only does the plane explode, but its charred corpse then dramatically falls from the sky.

After getting through some obstacles in some stages, you will be rewarded with different medals depending on your score.
As a result, if you can get higher score, you will earn nice medal as your reward.

When tapping your plane, try not to tap too long and not to release too long whereby your plane will go too fast up or down in which it will be hard to control it.

In line with this, you can go for short consecutive taps and longer ones to keep the plane at a regular track as you desire.
Every time you unlock an achievement in this game, you will also unlock a code which you can enter in the start screen for stuff.

Once getting that code, you can enter it by tapping the code menu under the plane before starting the game so that if there id a code enabled, you will no longer get the option to enter a code.
You can also stop using a code, by going to Main Menu and restarting the game.

Try to use these following codes to get your flight ease
Using ineedpractice code will give you the chance to play the game on Easy Mode
Using givemeapilot will put a pilot in your plane and you can easily control the plane along the way
Using bedtime will unlock after 100 flights
Using bigbabyj will unlock after 200 flights

When you can unlock easy mode or get the code above, you can try to play a few games as it will give you a way to go through the pipes and control the plane better.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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