Coins Cash Lives Cheats Jelly Splash for iPhone

Just try completing the puzzle to get more coins, the main currency of jelly splash game
Here, you simply need one or two more turns to complete the puzzles.

jelly splash tips

For such reasons, you will have an option to spend 70 coins that will be based upon the stage, to get three more turns.
By completing every puzzle offered in this game will earn you coins in that you have to save some of those coins for the end of the round.

Connecting six or more jellies together will come to super jellies to be owned but remember that they will not necessarily destroy the row or the column they get in.
Otherwise, they will destroy the row or column based on where the last piece of your jelly string ends up in this game.

Therefore, try to set up the final piece of your jelly connection in the same row or column as bothersome dark jelly.
By doing this action, you will eliminate any pieces or mushrooms that get in the way so that you will have plenty of room to take them out.

In line with this, you can connect via Facebook and request lives from fellow players.
So you can use coins for having more lives range from 100 coins give you five lives that it is the best to start.

Chain together a quick three-or-more string of jellies in order to remove dark jelly from the playfield. Moreover, you can earn super jellies by doing so or you need the pieces of them to take out dark jelly.

Just get rid of the mushrooms if you see large patches of dark jelly blocked off by them.
By eliminating them, more jellies will pour into the dark jelly spots, so that you can take them out piece-by-piece to come to the more jellies you have on the playfield.

Chaining together super jellies will clear a huge amount of space on the board.
For such reasons, you will have to try to put together six-or-more strings as often as you can while gathering up super jellies in the middle or the bottom.

Afterward, chain two or more together and watch the rows clear so that any unused super jellies will automatically explode which comes to your point total as an end-of-round bonus.

In addition, all you have to do in this game is just to chain jelly pieces and unlock super moves, which can clear an entire row or column.
And, you can chain two or three at once and create a screen-clearing effect in order to increase your score in this game.

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