How to Collect More Jewel Gold in Crystal Throne iPhone

When playing crystal throne game, you must collect money gems gold that you can use to upgrade your health and kingdoms

crystal throne tips

Getting some missions completed successfully will give you a chance of getting enough gems as reward
Thus you will be able to refill your energy and stamina consumed during battle in that the energy and stamina will replenish more often than not in time when you run out of them.

Each time you defeated the enemies, it will also give you some rewards including gold and gems that you can use to upgrade some equipments needed in this game

Meanwhile, each building that you have built will come to some reward such as gold
So build as many building as much as possible to generate more gold as the currency of this game except diamonds

This game combines the mechanics of RPG and strategy game in which you will first select a character from three classes namely warrior, ranger and mage

Afterward, as being a legendary hero on this continent of swords and magic, you will be given a vacant land to build your powerful kingdom while constructing unique structures for your defense protect his or her empire from being attacked by evil orcs and mysterious creatures like dragons.

In the way of your journey of searching for relics, you will meet Terra Dahl’s finest Halfling Assassins, Human Arch-mages, and Dwarven Warriors that have the main objective to protect the entire world, and to write a legendary story of love and peace.

Once getting your kingdom built, you will get tasked to recruit, train and command army troops to explore the fantasy world while fighting against all kinds of monsters and conquering the enemies territory.

On the other side, you can also team up with other players to increase your power and to venture into dungeons full of mysterious monsters and fabulous treasure.
So join many others player from around the globe in the adventure to explore dungeons and start an adventurous journey in Mid Land to hunt for treasure.

You will be equipped with the different maps full of challenges that will lead you to have your journey, battle monsters, and expand the territory.
When attacking a monster, just keep tapping on the monster in order to kill it.

You can also use your powerful fighting skills with magnificent effects during the battle in this fantastic 3D dungeons

You will construct all kinds of buildings within the realm of the kingdom, with residential buildings to generate gold, military facilities to station a powerful army of human, mage, beasts and war machines.

Note that this game will only allow you to construct one building at a time, so that you have to complete constructing a building before going to build or upgrade another one.

While waiting the building to be completed, you can go to war with other players from the battle list in that you can look for suitable opponents and attack them.

Once winning the battle, you will be allowed to enter the losing side’s kingdom and to collect free resources for your kingdom`s supply.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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