How to Earn Jewel Gold in Card Guardians for Kakao on iPhone

Card Guardians is a new card battle defense game, all you have to do is to protect the princess with your card soldiers and interact with friends to collect more new cards.

card guardians for kakao tips

In this game, you can get more rewards including gold, jewel or new cards by inviting your friends, and you need to collect cards with unique abilities, and utilize your combat strategies to face off and fight against the enemy attacks trying to stole your princess.

To get more units, this game will allow you to hire friends as mercenaries so that you can enhance your power of fighting forces in order to protect your princess in the battle field
Furthermore, you can also level up your cards and enjoy the experience of watching your cards grow stronger.

This game features a survival mode that allows you to compete against friends and climb on top of the leaderboards for having some rewards weekly.
Therefore you will have to try harder to block the enemy advance and plan the best combat strategy to strike back with a counterattack

In addition, by inviting more friends you can have a chance of receiving some items such as gold pack, pal point capsule, musketeer and air strike item that you will need to defense your princess

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