Jewels Coins Cheats Happy Dragon on iPhone

In happy dragon game, you can get gems cash or jewels by completing missions and flying across valley and islands then take a full command of the dragon and guide it to travel the world.

happy dragon tips

You can also make your dragon fly higher and further by skillfully utilizing the gravity and undulate terrains while collecting as many jewels as you can.

Once collecting those jewels, you can have more tools to speed up your dragon when flying above sky.
When having the full version, you will receive more jewels for boosters and tools without any cost.

In addition, you can try using the hills to get your dragon jump and to make it fly higher
As dragon’s wings are still too small to properly fly, you can slide through valleys, use hills as jumps and soar into the sky.

In the way of rebuilding your dragon`s castle, you must learn to fly faster, higher and further while gathering coins to get the more tools.
Whilst flying above the sky, you will have a duty to solve lots of challenging tasks and to expand the dragon’s capabilities to make better fly win some fun boosters and special items available for this game

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