How to Collect More Joules Gas Can in Battle Bears Gold on iPhone

In battle bears gold game, all you will do is to collect gas and joules by winning every match you join, you can earn Joules to be used to purchase items such as new weapons and gear, or buy new character classes.

battle bears gold guides

You will take a Gas for every match you played and you can also use it to purchase more powerful weapons.
So you will need this gas refilling each time you play in match.
In the beginning of the game, you have to select from eight character classes, each with distinct appearance and combat abilities.

For the first hero, you will play as Oliver, the soldier with well-rounded fighting competence with decent speed and health.
Take the right equipment and strategy to make him survive and even thrive in just about any combat situation.

Use his starting Bearzooka carefully and Rifles to shoot enemies at range in that it will take down the enemy before they get close.
Protect yourself by moving between cover while reloading.

In addition, you will be allowed to switch to other classes according to your preference of battle style like value shooting accuracy, melee power, or the ability to handle explosives in the battle.

Try playing it in different modes including in Tutorial, Team Battle and Plant the Bomb.
The Tutorial mode will show you all possible controls you need to perform.
Just control the movement of the bear, swipe on the screen to aim and tap the fire button to shoot with a virtual thumbstick.
You can switch from weapon to melee attack in case you meet an enemy at close range in the fist icon
And the special item icon allows you to jump or use whatever item available at the moment.

In Team Battle mode, you will compete against teams, and complete sole objective that is to kill everyone from the opponent team.
You can make team consists of one to four players randomly picked via matchmaking.

Afterward select weapon choices, ranging from rifle to rocket launchers, to various melee weapons that will vary in four attributes namely Explosives, AOT, Cool down and Reload time.

Once everything gets matched, you will be transferred to a random map where you need to control your bear to use these weapons to make a score as many kills as possible within 6 minutes.

In the Plant the Bomb, there will be two bombs and respective bomb tubes matching each team’s color.
You and your team will have to accomplish goal that is to carry the bomb matching their color to the bomb tube matching the opponent’s color within 8 minutes.

In order to win in this mode, your team must deliver your team’s bomb as many times as possible while trying to prevent the opponent team from planting theirs.
And you will simply respawn at the rally point that you can join the game again like it used to be.

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