How to Find More Lives Gold Bars in Juice Cubes for iPhone

Here, you just drag your thumb across three or more of the same shape at a time to match up different fruits in order to gain score points and gold

juice cubes tips

Then, you will play over 165 deliciously fruity levels filled with challenging puzzles
During the game, you will have to connect multiple juice cubes in order to create spectacular fruit explosions in which it will come to more gold used for purchasing power ups

Once collecting those bars, you can use them to buy power-ups and to unlock new sections of the game in order to go for progress as quickly as possible.

Every time you play a stage, you will use up a life in that you will be able to hold a maximum of five lives at a time.
However, if you can beat the stage, you will earn a free life as a reward.

In line with this, if you encounter your lives have run out, you can simply go to the date and time settings on your phone or device, and set the time ahead so that you can get your lives back without waiting as usual.

When doing this, you can set it ahead by 20 minutes per amount of lives lost in which you can set it ahead 100 minutes for a full restoration of an empty life bar.

Afterward, set the time back to normal in order to keep all of those extra lives that you have gathered with this trick.
Thus, you can do the time trick every time you want to get more lives.

Each time you make a combination of four or more shapes, you will earn a special shape as a reward.
You will earn a shape that blasts a row if your combination is to the side.

Meanwhile, you will earn a shape that blasts a column if your combination is up or down.
Making a move in diagonal will earn you a bomb.

On the other side, making a combination of eight or more shapes will earn you a multicolored shape that will delete all of one color from the board.

According to this, making a combination featuring two of these shapes will come to an even greater effect whereby if you mix two striped shapes together, you will delete both a row and a column.

Mixing two bombs the other will blow up a large area
Mixing two multicolored shapes together will knock out every single shape on the board.
Mixing a striped shape and a bomb together will knock out a row and a column and blow up a 5 x 5 area of shapes at a time.

Moreover, you can also create fruit bombs by connecting up 4 or more of one fruit which can then be linked to other explosives in order to clear a significant number of tiles at once.

In addition, there will be the ‘drop the buckets to the bottom of the screen’ stages that will test your strategy so that you can get high score for making a good combination.

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