Jump Coins Cheats in Blood Roof on iPhone

In blood roof game, all you will do is to shoot enemies that get in your way.
You will play as a couple, with the man doing the running and carrying the woman whose leg is injured, holding a gun and attempting to ward off dangerous demons as you run and jump from rooftop to rooftop.

Blood Roof

When seeing chaos coins lined up in a row or dropped by an enemy that you shoot you have to get them to be saved up for upgrades and power ups.

Just remember everything in pertinent, such as good places to get chaos coins, and what path you took the last time you played.

Save up your coins for the upgrades, rather than the power ups that only last one or two rounds.
Just avoid enemies and use grenades when you get to real late areas of the run where so many of them crowd around that they are tough to shoot and jump over.

The permanent upgrades, such as starting each level with two lives or unlocking a different woman, will help you out every single time.

To do smooth land when jumping is to jump as you get toward the very end of the current rooftop, rather than jumping early.

Jumping early can often lead to an early death, whereas jumping late can get you to a very hard to reach rooftop that you might not have made in time otherwise.

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