Tips to Get Higher Score in Jump! Chump! for iPhone

When playing jump chump game, just tap the screen to jump your character and keep running into hanging and moving enemy blocks by tapping the screen to make them jump

jump chump tips

Here, you will guide two square characters, one on the top half and one on the bottom, and you have to jump by tapping the lower half on the screen without hitting obstacles

During your run, you will realize that each half faces completely different ones on each track.
In the way of your jumping, try to keep your characters jumping in unison for the first time trial.

Later on, consider how to avoid different obstacles getting in the way, in which you can press both the top and bottom halves of the screen to make the characters jump at one time.

When performing your run, you will come to hanging obstacles, in that you will see them dangling from a string as they come across the screen.
In line with this, when seeing these obstacles, always stay grounded because if you try jumping over them, you may contact with them so that your round will be over.
Remember that always slide underneath them when coming to this phase.

Anyway, when you face the bigger squares, timing your jumps as closely as possible while waiting for them passing over will be the key to move on.
At this phase, if you try jumping too soon, you may come to hit them, in which this circumstance will end your run.
For such reasons, all you have to do is to wait until they are right on top of you, then you can take a leap to keep moving on the next challenge.

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