Flower Cheats in Jumping Jaxx for iPhone

Jumping Jaxx is a new endless jumping game, you will play as jumping rabbit which is assigned to accomplish a goal that is to run as far as you can while collecting flowers and avoiding enemies.

jumping jaxx tips

With those flowers, you can buy you some new goods or equipments in the store to help you finish goals and run fast.
In line with your goal, you can draw lines that can bounce the rabbit to get the longest range.
Moreover, you can draw the line perpendicular to the direction that you want Jaxx to rebound in.

In order to make Jaxx move really quickly, you can draw a line right through his tail that make him bounce off the line right as you are drawing it.
When you start to hit the zig zaggy cliffs, you can slow him down because if he is going up too fast it will be tough to recover because he will go back down at that time.

During your run, try to avoid the piranhas that jump up and bite you
Sometimes, you need to be bitten by a piranha in order to complete one of your quests.
At the same time, you will also see a warning in the general area in that it will prompt you to jump in before they appear.

Collecting the magnets for a period of time will help you collect every flower that is far away from you stand now
At this point, you must use the upgrades to make the magnet last longer.

Getting flower boxes will earn you five flowers each.
So if you are jumping slowly, you will not break the flower box the first time but if you are moving quickly, you will break it right away.

Throughout your run, when you go 500 meters, you will enter a new level from 1-2, 1-3 and soon.
When getting to 2,000 meters, you will enter a new world, and the surrounding scenery will change, as well as the dangers in that track.

In the way of getting more flowers for free, all you have to do is to tap free flowers icon on the menu screen that will earn you 1,000 free flowers by signing into Facebook via the game.

On the other side, collecting the life rings will keep you on surface when you fall into the wave for a limited time.
Because of this, do some upgrades to make it last longer, though you will still have to jump out before it expires.

In addition, drawing as wide of a line as you can will give your rabbit more area to bounce on the screen, in that it will also be able to increase the accuracy of where you are aiming your rabbit during your run.

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