Gold Bars Cheats Jungle Cubes on iPhone

This game is a new arrival of the popular match-3 puzzle game genre where you have to gather up the beady-eyed jungle jewels in order to advance your adventure through the wild jungle.

jungle cubes tips

Along the game, you will be allowed to move any jewel anywhere, but it has to match cubes
And each jewel you are moving must end up in a match wherever it goes
Here, you will only have about a second to move the jewel.

Thus if you are quick enough, you will be able to pull some cool maneuvers off, as jewels are moved in the opposite direction of the one you are currently holding.

In order to make a blast tile, you can try matching 4 jewels at a time, where there will be vertical or horizontal arrows point out on the tile.
Matching jewels on the tile will cause a beam so that it can shoot out in the direction that matches the arrows, as well as collecting all the jewels in that direction.
The tile will be created wherever you put the matching jewel at.

Moreover, matching 5 will create the almighty rainbow tile
Then matching on the rainbow tile will cause all jewels of that matched type to explode so that it can clear a specific amount of jewels.

And, matching jewels in a “L” formation will come to the horizontal and vertical blast tile, which shoot outs a beam in both directions.
On the other side, matching jewels in a “T” or “+” formation will result the bomb tile, which will destroy all jewels surrounding the bomb tile.

The levels will get you to complete different objectives in which some will get you to clear out every single mud tile
Meanwhile, some require you to collect a certain amount of a specific jewel, and soon.

Make sure to keep track of your objectives and do the hardest one early on
You may be in some levels that require you to break open trapped jewels that are encrusted in stone. These are the hardest to do because if you want to break stone you must match adjacent to the stone to damage it.

Doing so takes 3 full matches to break open a stone, so it is based on your skill to make it happen
And be sure to tackle this first before any other objective
As making progresses through the game, you will have the ability to move any jewel wherever you want, so that you can set up some creative combos.

When moving a jewel past another jewel, it will move in the opposite direction.
you can see it when grabbing a jewel and starting to move it directly upward
Remember that, every jewel you pass will move down one space.
Thus, take advantage of this by shifting jewels around in positions that let you chain combo them.

Next, you must have left over moves, so when you fulfill all of your objectives, you will get a bonus depending on how many moves you have left.
For every move left, a random tile will be turned into a blast tile.
In addition, if you have got 10+ moves left, you will be able to clear the entire screen that will earn you three stars on the level with ease

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