How to Get More Copper Helmet Resources in Junk Jack X for iPhone

In order to make a torch in junk jack x game, you must find a square that contains coal, indicated by chunks of black rock embedded in the square.
So combine both coal and wood to build torches to illuminate the space underground of your adventure.

junk jack x tips

Using torches and equipment will give you tools to start preparing a shelter.
Collect enough leftover wood to be used to build a house in that you will just remember to seal the entrance of your house so that enemies can not enter it and to use torches to keep the area well-lit.

Having a shelter will defend yourself during your adventure of the world of Junk Jack X to your heart’s content.
In the way to survive in this game is to grow plants, hunt animals, and gather resources

You can find a ton of stuff laid beneath the surface such as a ton of minerals and rare copper that can be found near the surface
By having these resources will be useful for building new tools and equipment to go farther underground, in order to find more opportunities to build new and better equipment.

Moreover, you can find a care lodged in the earth then break it open to get your hands on some loot as this loot may include tools, materials, and recipes that are needed to build certain objects on your own.
Furthermore, you can find abandoned mine shafts to gather more resources including valuable minerals and other resources.

After enough digging and looting, you will have to find a new planet.
So try combining three pieces to unlock access to a new planet in which different planets will have different layouts and resources,and it will take a lot of time and exploration to get there.

You can break items and land by repeatedly tapping on the square until it breaks so that you can gather the resources dropped and use them to your heart’s content.

In addition, just clear a few trees and gather wood to make wooden equipment and weapons such as a sword, pickaxe, and shovel.
Along your journey, you must find new resources, like stone that can be used alongside wood to create stronger equipment.

In the adventure mode, you will start with no resources, limited health, and enemies will spawn in the darkness so that you need defense and shelter.
When playing the standard adventure mode, you can enable “Peaceful mode” from the options menu.

Moreover, you can also play Creative Mode, that sets you on any one of your unlocked planets with all the items you can build in the game at your disposal.
Creative Mode also lets you quickly destroy blocks, fly through the air for quick navigation, and have unlimited health.

Using bombs will clear out large chunks of land quickly and you can use them into mine shafts to help kill monsters as well.
Killing animals will give you fur, skin, and meat in that they can be used to make new items, while meat replenishes part of your health.
So you simply cook meat first to provide you a bigger health boost.

One thing important is to make chests and a bed for your home as you will drop everything when you die, so that chests will protect valuables not in use and the bed will be your respawn point after you die in this game.
Thus, just try to explore, craft, build and survive with your friends in this multiplayer online game

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