K Gems Cheats to Get Fast Followers Fans in Kendall and Kylie iPhone

Glu has recently launched their newest celebrity-infused mobile game which is called Kendall & Kylie in that this game seems to follow the famous Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game, dedicated to iOS and Android

kendall & kylie walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be brought to go to LA, as you vlog, take selfies, act, model and try to go viral with a lot cash and K-Gems and followers, which will make you so famous among your friends.

AS usual, this game will feature cash ans gems as the main currencies that you can get in any other ways

Always try to complete the quest to let you know what to do next.
To add followers, just meet people and flirt or chat.
you can do this at The Cantina, various bars and whatnot to find people to meet and greet.

Early on the game, you will be given with cash that you can use to buy clothes, houses or pets.
Later on, you can get them more by going back to Santa Monica, then going to the salon to work a shift.

Moreover, be sure to complete many actions to earn 5 stars, which will reward you with cash and experience points.

Try to accomplish your missions and go to salon shifts with full energy whereby it will give you stars You can also get energy along with the stars and other goodies

Having a pet will also give you energy, cash and experience
In accordance with this, just go back to your apartment and pet your pet, so that you will get energy, cash and experience points to level up your character
Once getting more houses, you can buy more pets to get more free goodies.

K-gems here is the premium currency of this game.
You can get one free K-gem by watching a video at the store
Besides, you can apply this to get one cash per video you have watched there

Always consider to improve your social presence by getting more followers
And, each time you reach a certain ranking, you will get free K-Gems
Make sure to complete achievements to collect extra gems for free
Tap some objects such as birds, pieces of equipment when exploring the world of the game since they will grant you k gems to collect for free
Once having enough gems, use the wisely for charming people and getting custom accessories

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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