How to Get Gold in Kero Blaster on iPhone

Kero Blaster is a sidescrolling game, where you will control a walking frog armed with a deadly laser gun as well as looking to rescue his lover frog as his main goal.

kero blaster tips

When playing kero blaster studio pixel game, you are tasked to unlock and upgrade specific weapons with cash in that it will indeed help you accomplish missions
Along the game, you will use various weapons as his tools of the trade to exterminate these foes and each of them serves a specific purpose.

Furthermore, you will be given four weapons to defeat foes and bosses, and each one is designed for a specific situation.
So just use them as the situation requires and experiment with them when you get the chance.

Using The Lazer Uzi will allow you to shoot farther than the rest, but it will not be very helpful against multiple enemies.
The Ninja or picture the Spread-Shot from Contra is more useful against multiple enemies but it will not make you to shoot very far.
The Star Mine will be great at clearing out enemies below you
And, the Melter works best when used on uphill terrain.

In line with this, every weapon can be upgraded with a certain amount of coins, so that each weapon remains useful for further missions.
Along the game, you have a switch that you flip left, right, or up.
The frog will continue firing in the direction of your choice as long as the switch is in place, and you can flip it seamlessly at any time.

Anyway, you will be able to use all of the guns, which you would have unlocked at different points throughout the game, at any point you want.
Later on, you should discover a new, powerful weapon and bonus content that makes the game re-playable.

As making some progresses through levels, you will have to upgrade your stats as well as your arsenal.
As a general rule, it is better to focus on improving the frog’s health first before you are heading into a new stage.
Permanent upgrades also take priority, since they will make your life way easier than a simple extra life that the game gives you.

Later stages will give you more challenges with some nice rewards along the way.
Then, completing one of the later stages in multiple times will allow you to earn good amounts of cash for upgrades.
So focus on completing those stages for better rewards.

Besides the stages, this game is filled with treasures to collect and some of them are actually hidden inside secret passages that can be accessed by walking through specific walls.
For such reasons, make sure to always check everything out in every stage so that you will usually get any treasure from there.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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