Keys XP Cheats in Man of Steel HD The Game on iPhone

In man of steel hd the game, you area ble to get as much keys and experience points by beating each boss
Here, you play as Clark Kent, or Kal-El as his nickname given by his parents back on planet Krypton who will be fighting against a series of increasingly difficult stages with occasional boss fights in each game mode.

man of steel the game guides

As being a hero who will rescue humankind on earth, you will go through some mission to battle with enemies and earn extra keys and xp for having new suits and stats as well
In accordance with such circumstances, you will have try harder to beat all enemies in each mode and get each boss defeated in the battle

The game will offer two modes that will be in story mode and survival mode.
In story mode, you will have to travel through various locations as featured in the Man of Steel movie. And you will try so hard to save our beloved Earth from total destruction caused by General Zod army.

The Survival mode will give you a challenge to survive all the attacks of General Zod while collecting as many points as you can by staying alive during the fight in the battle.
Because of this, you have to follow the tutorial as it will guide you to do a superb job of filling you in on the essentials straight from the outset.

In this game, there will be an advanced mini-bosses to defeat, and some of 6 different suits will also be available to unlock and upgrade as featured in the movie.
Thus try upgrading Superman’s combos and his special abilities as you fly at the speed of sound in the air.

By defeating some opponents in both modes will grant you rewards of experience points
Having experience points will give you an advantage to boost Clark’s stats.

Meanwhile defeating bosses in the story mode as well as fulfilling certain challenges in survival mode will reward the player with keys that can be used to unlock various suits including a few of the high end suits he can wear for having a different look from the comics.

In order to earn more keys and xp, you can either buy various books which will net you experience, or containers which will net you keys through iap store.

On the other side, once completing the story mode, you will do other things than grind through the repetitive survival mode in order to max out Clark’s stats and abilities, as well as unlock additional suits.

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