High Score Cheats Kickerinho on iPhone

Kickerinho is a new football game which focuses on the aspect of keeping the ball up in the air.
Meanwhile, playing this game will test your skill in which you have to improve your techniques then learn them in order to master the game practice and timing.

kickerinho guides

In order to get the hang of the game at first it helps to say the direction or which foot the ball is heading towards.
Doing so will help you get into a rhythm and also help your timing.
At the the beginning, the hang of where the ball will drop is the main challenge.
So it will rely on the foot which you need to use will help you.

The main point to playing this game is to focus on is where the ball will land, and towards which side. For such reasons, you will need to anticipate this before you tap the screen.

This comes with practice and becomes easier to manage the more you play.
Thus anticipating and predicting the ball’s flight path you will manage to gain a higher score.

When heading the ball the same rules apply as in the controlling the ball with your foot.
If the ball is slightly moving towards the left then you have to try and center the ball towards the middle by tapping the right side of the screen.

Heading requires more of a balancing act where you want to keep the ball as central as possible and keep it as long as you can for racking up scores.
On the other side, the timing of the ball when it drops towards the character’s feet again will be the important to consider.

Because of this when heading the ball keep in mind that the ball will drop back towards the feet at any given moment and that you will have to time the kick in unison of the ball dropping.

You should breaks after playing this game for so long
Anyway, it will be tempting to keep playing and playing to improve your score.
However to help resolve any frustrations, resting from the game for a while will help you keep your sanity in check.

Besides, when playing this game, you will be able to use your thumbs so that you can get into the best rhythm for the game by tapping the screen with your thumbs.
In addition, using this technique will be more in tune with keeping a flow to the game later on.

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