Gold Gems Cash Cheats Kingdom Clash on iPhone

In kingdom clash game, you must get the champion in the battle to earn more gems cash, the main currency of this game
Here, you can rule a small kingdom, with two resources to stockpile, and training troops to attack and to defend your kingdom.

kingdom clash tips

Therefore, just build the ultimate Stronghold to defeat your opponents
The first thing you have to build is to load up on defenses in which it will make the other players can not penetrate your city.

Once having tough defenses, you can send your army into enemy territory to destroy other people’s kingdoms and collect resources from them
As a result you will also earn gems as your troops succeed to conquer their kingdom

Thus all you have to do is simply to rule your Kingdom, build your armies, and defend your Stronghold with unique weaponry
When attacking other kingdom, remember that no matter whether your troops die or not, you will lose them.

So try not to send all of your troops at one time as it takes awhile to train replacement troops if you send all of them.
For such reason, just send in as many as you need at one time.

If you go to areas where opponent plant bombs, play your mind to send one or two heroes to set off the bombs, and once it is already set off you can lead the rest of your troops to go that area.

In order to penetrate and to collect more resources, you will have to unlock thieves and demolitionists then send in the demolitionists to blow up walls

At the same time, you can also send thieves into areas where defenses are weak to take resources.
Warriors are good at attacking aerial defenses in that you can also send in the archers to deal with them.

To build that defense, you must pack all of your buildings as close together as possible.
Then place as many cannons and other defenses within a good defending range of your buildings as it will make easy to defend your town with less walls.
And if you want to protect your resources, you can surround your resource buildings with the walls.

When being in the upgrading process, you must upgrade your spellstone mines before upgrading your markets whereby your markets will give you gold and spellstone is used to train all of your troops

In line with this, during the use of more spellstone over the course of the game, the spellstone mine and the spellstone vault should be upgraded higher.

In order to unlock new buildings, such as the armory, you must upgrade the royal hall first.
However, upgrading the royal hall will take a long time to finish the upgrade, so start the upgrade before shutting off the game for a long period of time.

After getting your troops trained well and having your kingdom protected with any defensive buildings, it is now to start expanding your territory and to command powerful troops like mighty Giant Bears, nimble Assassins, noble Warriors and terrifying Ice Wizards to defeat your enemies with Fireball Catapults, Lightning Cannons and Watchtowers

In addition, you are the commander of your troops who must lead your armies to battle with other players around the world and defeat the evil forces of the Iron Swarm for treasure and for the glory of your kingdom and your units

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