Heart Coins Cheats KingHunt for iPhone

In kinghunt game, every land will be reigned by various kings including the Muffin King, Count Cheese, and the Dino King that you have to defeat in order to take over their areas.

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For further journey, you will have your main duty to battle a boss battle against the given king then to complete each land which offers ten different challenges to be completed one at a time in order to get five stars.
Meanwhile, as you unlock the new areas, you will be given a bonus underwater level that opens up allowing you to collect 100 magical trinkets.

When fighting against bosses, you will have to get ready to slice the enemy as soon as the countdown appears on screen.
At this point, make sure to slice the boss as much as possible, as this will allow you to defeat the boss without getting damaged.

And the best way to take the bosses down is to simply swipe absolutely frantically back and forth over them whereby this will take out the threat nine times out of ten.

Furthermore, if you have defeated all the bosses and unlocked different regions, you will be allowed to unlock more stages by completing challenges found in previous stages.

Some elements of this game such as combos, chains, power-ups, and the ability within each given land will help you level up so that you can maximize your score through on screen action.

Remember not to slice at everything as soon as the objects appear on screen and always try to slice more than a single object as this will make you earn way more points.

As you level up, you can slice through ten enemies with one cut, while activating the frozen power-up, and leveling up to a higher multiplier.
Then as you advance, some obstacles as well with bombs, and enemies will sometimes slice back at you.

Performing slicing action properly requires a bit of precision when facing a dangerous situation.
Besides, tapping the object will do the trick in most cases.

In line with this, when you are close to being hit by a damaging item, try to dispose of it by tapping on it, instead of slicing.
In the way of battling with enemies in the battlefield, try to slow things down a bit in order to get some of the potions that enemies drop when slicing them.
Once seeing those potions, just tap them quickly in order to receive some extra points boosts or restore your health.

According to this, it will be worth going out of your way to get any potions that occasionally drop from the beasts and objects you have sliced through along the game.

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