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Kitchen Scramble is a new time management food-truck simulator, you will take a role as Pepper, who is friendly neighborhood food truck locavore farm-to-table helping chef trying to make it big in all around the country of Pittsburger with dish using fresh local ingredients, deliciously simple recipes, and some impossibly fast knife skills

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So it will be your main duty to make this happen.
Every customer that you encounter will always want the same thing every time they come up to your truck, such as the skinny guy with glasses will either want an egg or an omelette.

And the big guy will always want bacon
Then, the girl with a baby will always want home fries.

In line with this, you have to learn to what your customers want and you can start jumping ahead of the game by hitting the pause menu to see all of the necessary recipes for the current round of play.
Later on, if you have a new recipe for the current round, you can always come back there to check what you have to do next.

Therefore, you should memorize the recipes in which it is the most important thing no matter what stage you are on, so pause as often as you need to in order to get what each ingredient to make that recipe.

Furthermore, as making some progresses through the game, you should purchase some new kitchen equipment And, it can be exceedingly difficult to do so with all of the new equipment you have to buy from stage to stage just to cook new recipes.

For such reasons, you can go back to old stages to rack up coins so that you possibly can then save them up for upgrades.
When you upgrade pre-existing equipment, you will be able to cook faster with that new tools.

Along the game, your supplies are your energy in which if you run out of it, you can recover all of your supplies right away by setting the time ahead on your phone or tablet.

At this point, you will need to set it ahead for a full recovery from 0 to 50 supplies is 100 minutes in which it will take two minutes per missing supply.

Anyway, if you can serve a customer quickly, you will earn more tips from them.
You can also use all kinds of little tricks to cut time off.
Note that never have empty hands and always be taking ingredients somewhere or taking food to customers.

Always take ready plates to customers with both hands in that you can do one plate per hand
Then never let your food burn and keep as many of your cooking implements such as oven, frying pan, cutting board etc as well as going at the same time as possible.

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