Bridges Cheats Kiwanuka on iPhone

When playing kiwanuka game, you have to build a bridge to get a path of rescuing your friends
Here, you will see every level places the staff-wielding leader of the pack where you control the entire group of lost citizens from one spot to another to get the way out.

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Every level in this game features a new challenge involving how to get across wide gaps, avoiding pink and blue crystals that will destroy the group, and you must use your wits and puzzle solving skills to figure out how to rescue your friends.

On the other words, you main goal is to get to the prism, which is usually located in some difficult-to-reach spot.
Because of this, you have to figure out how to get from the starting point to the ending point by performing only a few actions.

Later on, you can perform a few limited functions in order to get from point A to point B, including calling up a lightning bolt to let the group know where to go, as well as creating a stack of people to build a bridge.

You are in charge of what the staff does, shoot lightning or create stacks of people bridges.
So to make the group move, direct the lightning bolt to the ledge you want them to drop from.

Anyway, make sure there is a platform below, because these citizens do not watch where they are going and will fall right into the abyss if you tell them to.

You will be able to create a bridge out of people to help get the group across a gap that has no platform below and you must find a way to create a bridge that will not be destroyed by the pink or blue crystals.

On any given level, you must create a bridge by dragging lighting directly upward from the staff.
At this point, a circle will appear to let you know the bridge’s radius when it falls in that it is good for knowing how many people you will need to reach a platform without hitting something above or below stuff.

After stacking the people, topple them over by swiping to the left or right then the stack will rotate downward and stick to the first available platform, creating a bridge that the rest of the group can walk across.

However, always make sure not to make the bridge too long, because it might touch a pink or blue crystal, which will destroy it.
Meanwhile, if you make it too short, it might attach itself to the wrong platform and you will have to try again.

Note that, you must try learning to make bridges quickly.
Eventually there will be moving glowing obstacles that you will need to strategically create bridges around in order to reach the goal and pass the level.
When your group makes it to the end prism, a new citizen will be rescued and he or she will be then next one in line to hold the staff.

Before going to each level, there will be a sign signifying the level that the citizen will be holding in which these signs carry subtle, yet helpful hints about how to complete each level.

You can zoom out and observe while taking a solid look at every aspect of the level you are playing can lead you to finding the solution in much quicker fashion.

Also make sure to avoid the red or blue material as these sections of the level will break your bridges and cause you more problems than any other aspect of the levels.

Furthermore, if you make a mistake, it might be a good idea to rid your level of unused bridges. According to this line, some bridges that you are not using can often get in the way or cause you to accidentally fall to your doom if you are not careful.
Break bridges as your citizens walk across them as this will allow your citizens to fall when they need to onto platforms that are closer to the goal.

Use also varying length bridges in that you may need to experiment with different length bridges in every scenario in order to get your citizens to the goal.

In addition, you may need to move the citizens in a quick fashion in certain levels, so that you can get them on moving platforms at a specific time.
When the citizens make it to a moving platform, it will stop so you will consider your timing to be absolutely perfect as it is to accomplish the goal successfully.

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