Gold Cheats Knights N Squires on iPhone

Knights N Squires is a new RPG brough by Com2us brings an interesting evolution of the mobile RPG battle system with the elements of speed and reflexes.

knights n squires guides

Along the game, you will be able to play with a main hero and you will get to three allies, and a whole host of weapons and equipment as well.
In battle, you will automatically run forward, in which you will be provided with multiple buttons that you can use to move your heroes.

Hold the sword button to attack, but it is not recommended to tap the button over and over
And, you can also use the shield button to stop running and put your guard up while throwing the shield to hit all enemies with it.

Then for any of your allies, each of them is equipped with one specific special move as well, with buttons appearing next to or over the sword button.
In a party, you can use up to three allies at a time, and they will attack automatically for you.
Alternatively, you can try to hit the “Auto on” button, that is next to your HP bar, in that your hero attacks automatically, and your allies can use their special moves automatically.

After having tough battle, your heroes will gain experience level, but your allies will have the extra benefit of powering up via using your unwanted card.

To power up your card, you can try to take your unwanted cards and select the card you want to power up
Afterward, you can then choose the unwanted cards to sacrifice.
Your cards will disappear, but your main card will earn power up points.
Then, once you hit 100 of those, your card will power up and you will be able to power up five times.

Later on, you can use the enhance feature to merge two fully powered-up cards into the one more powerful card.
At this point, the stats will drop initially, but with subsequent level-ups and power-ups your new card will grow rapidly that will be more powerful than the old one.

In addition, you can do the same thing on the equipment that you can do by hitting the items menu to change equipment.
In accordance with this, you should try to equip the rarer stuff which is colored outlines, such as purple then you should use unwanted equipment as power-up fodder.
On the other side, you can then enhance weapons to evolve them in the same way as well, in which it will require a small bit of gold to do so.

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