Koins Potions Spells Cheats in Mini Ninjas iPhone

In mini ninjas game, all you will do is to try collecting some free gold coins to purchase outfits, weapons, potions and spells in the Dojo.
To get more coins you take a role as Suzume with her magnet of flute to attract coins as much as possible

Mini Ninjas

Purchase also Kuji Spells as your equipment one at a time such as a Tornado Boost that will propel you hundreds of feet to a lightning storm striking down adversaries. You can only equip one at a time.

You can also fill your Ki energy meter by defeating the enemies but you cannot use Kuji Spells when doing so. You can kill enemies by landing on their heads.

Set free these trapped warriors ninjas to get a control one of them.
Futo smashes rocks everything around with his hammer
Suzume will use her magic flute to attract collectibles such as gold coins and to attack enemies.
Kunoichi uses massive attacking jumps and gliding ability across the play area.
However you will always get back to take role as being Hiro using iconic Ninja moves with wall runs and master the powerful Kuji Magic.

At the start of each run you will be temporarily invincible whenever you switch characters but if you are flickering you will soon be vulnerable to attack.
Therefore quickly tap the screen to make shorter jumps to prevent you from accidentally falling onto spikes or fire that lies ahead.

Tap one side of the screen to jump and the other to attack, along with the chance to briefly run along walls in this game.
Use also your sword to jump over crates and explosive barrels, or smash through these objects.

There are 11 spells in total, and you can equip two of them at a time so that collect valuable ingredients to craft spells then equip them inside the Dojo.
By having these spells you will get an extra life and extend your sword’s reach while shielding Hiro from attack of his enemies.

Try combining some ingredients including mushrooms, flowers and crystals to produce magic to help you in combat with triggering some spectacular attacks and power ups.
The spells such as Death Banisher will let you restart from the point of death and Fireproof Formula will make you impervious to flame.

You have to release animals in order to posses and use their special abilities.
Those animals will include Panda, Fox, Wild Boar and Crane which will provide new ways to attack the Samurai.

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