Diamonds Coins Cheats Kreo CityVille Invasion for iPhone

Here, you will be a commanding general of the CityVille S.O.S, and given for a mission to defeat the villainous Dr. Mayhem and his minions trying to grab your sonic generators and to build the ultimate weapon to take over the whole world.

kreo cityville invasion tips

In kreo cityville invasion game, you must conquer Dr. Mayhem’s mighty army then collect bonus reward including gold coins cash
For such reasons, you will be tasked to lead your troop to stop the conspiracy by conquering waves of minions in 5 different districts while completing 25 story missions and over 400 replayable invasion challenges.

Try to unlock new KREO soldiers and weapons, so that you can defeat the super minions to stop them ruining your city districts.
So by having more new units you can build your alliance and get back up for your mission

When being in under attack by enemies from all directions one by one continuously you should tactically switch between different weapons with unique characteristics in battles.
Moreover, try using bat and sledge for close-range attack, and use crossbow and burst bombarder for long-range attack.

Note that when fighting against intense melee attacks and gigantic enemy bosses in each wave, just run as fast as you can before your health drains out.

Equip your hero with upgradeable hats and suits to enhance your soldier’s speed and health.
Then, unlock and upgrade different turrets to reinforce your defense, but you are not allowed to place the turrets anywhere as you wish.

Use your tactic to bring the enemies within the fire range of the turret in auto-specified position so that you can maximize the turret’s defensive effectiveness and make your fights much easier.

Just tap the left bottom to move your soldier, and hold on the fire button at the right bottom to attack the enemies.
Meanwhile, your soldier will rotate automatically to attack the enemies clustering around in the battlefield.

In order to get your city powerful enough to defeat Dr. Mayhem’s mighty army, you have to build cooler and more powerful defenses and upgrade your soldiers’ skills, 15 powerful weapons and armor

Once they have been upgraded, you can lead your squad to construct automatic defenses and personally control your powerful soldiers through 5 Unique Combat Maps in live-action battle.

In addition, you must construct 13 types of building and defend 5 mighty defense turrets
On the other side, you will also get a chance of unlocking cool bonus items with codes you get in the game construction sets.

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