Clues to Solve Puzzle in Layton Brothers Mystery Room on iPhone

In layton brothers mystery room game, you can play in free two cases then unlock 32 cases and solve all puzzles inside the game including mulling over suspects, inspecting a recreated crime scene, questioning both suspects and witnesses, and piecing it to get a connection of the issue until you get the right answer to reveal the truth.

layton brothers mystery room tips

The evidences of File No.001: The Hand Sandwich
You will find a woman found murdered at the seaside hotel of a bustling travel destination.
Her body lies on the balcony with one hand inside the sandwich that was to be her last meal.
The clues are the sandwiches, fried fish, table and tropical fruit juice

The evidences of File No.002:The Bungled Burglary
You will find a man was murdered inside his apartment.
You will get two suspects emerge based on eyewitness testimonies
However the murder weapon seems to disappear from a locked room.
So find who is the perpetrator, and what kind of murder weapon that is used to do that action

Your main goal of this game is to find out the evidence and seek for the master-planner who did the crime by delivery many questions or redo a question or two to get the right answer.

In order to start off a case, you will just immediately go into gathering evidence, which you have a 5 minute time limit, but the time freezes as soon as you tap a piece of evidence
Therefore you have to read everything in the game to find the truth behind each case.

You will be also allowed to ask Alfendi Layton for hints to solve the case.
You can name a killer right away, so that you can bring in a suspect right away for conversation.
On the other side you can “have a think”, where Prof Layton offers his guess as to who the culprit is, and he is brought in for questioning so that you can work through deductions.

c. Search and zoom in each object to find the evidences
Focus on every detail of each room when gathering evidence and reading statements and biographies.
Search for suspicious things to include multiple statements that contradict each other, or a lack of fingerprints or being the only one to leave behind fingerprints.

Note that the first person who you suspect of being the culprit will actually be the innocent person
However someone else who “seems” a little too suspicious as you interview them, will become the real culprit.

So discover some clues behind each crime as you zoom in and examine suspicious objects to add them to your mounting list of evidence.
After collecting those objects, try to piece them together to form an airtight case

Once getting the right point, you can expose the crucial contradictions in the case files as you match them with evidence that just does not add up.
In order to get the real truth, you will also be allowed to call in the witnesses and find out if they have anything to hide the truth

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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