Le Franc Treasury Coins Cheats in Le Vamp iPhone

In le vamp game, you can get more coins by completing the main goal the use them to upgrade your power
This game offers a gothic-style world, complete with a strange cast and Halloween-style imagery in which you will have to guide and protect Le Vamp of having his journey through the forest while avoiding enemies, from meat monster Le Wurst to a pile of jack-o-lanterns or Pumpkin Pile and help him stay ahead of the angry mob to have the time of his afterlife.

Le Vamp

Try keeping the young vampire alive as long as possible with full control of its movements while just flicking and tapping to protect him from sunlight, running water and deadly foes.

When accomplishing your objective you can help him collect coins for upgrades, or feed him Blood Pigs to keep him happy and healthy.
Cut, yank, smash, block, fling and destroy with simple gestures of tapping and swiping the screen to jump and attack to create the safest path imaginable.

This will involve smashing the Pumpkin Pile, yanking enemies from the ground so Le Vamp can slice right through them and chopping down trees to create bridges.
Beware of spudzy so you have to pull it up firstly before it attacks

Take advantage of powers like Sunblock, Bat Form and more to help Le Vamp overcome obstacles while avoiding sunlight away from him
Meanwhile you can also interact with the environment in different ways, transforming themselves into the unseen hand that rescues the undead fiend from harm.

In order to keep him survived you have to keep regularly feeding Le Vamp with blood by flicking critters known as Blood Pigs into its waiting mouth.
You will just swipe pigs in the foreground and background whereby Blood Pigs are essential, since taking damage brings the mob dangerously close until they eventually pounce, thereby ending the current run.

High Voltage will place coins throughout the landscape used to upgrade Le Vamp’s power abilities to increase health or transforming into a bat to avoid certain bad guys for long stretches of time.
You can compete scores and achievements across multiple social networks after getting them from every mission you have just completed successfully

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