Leader Cards Fusion Cheats in Ayakashi Ghost Guild iPhone

In ayakashi ghost guild game, you firstly select characters either with no many spirit points or the ones with a lot of spirit points required.

ayakashi ghost guild

Remember when going to a battle try to choose the leader card with the character who requires the most spirit points with the highest attack and defense

With that character specs as your leader card it will usually be the rarest card in your party
Just enhance your leader cards via fusion to get the most effect.
Note that when amplifying those cards in fusion your base card and your mixer card have to be the same type

Take a look at the following descriptions of how to do a fusion card
If the base card type is an anima the fusion card must be an anima as well
If the base card type is a phantom the fusion must be a phantom as well
If the base card type is a divina the fusion must be a divina as well
Doing such experiment of card fusion will greatly increase the experience points in which your base card will receive per mixer.

In order to get ability points you have to try reaching a level, completing an area or adding a crew member first.
Try to use most of the ability points to increase attack and defense spirit.

When getting a rare card all you have to do is just change your leader card by tapping on the card profile at the Daemons tab then select the card profile that you want to make the leader.
Afterward just make them to be the leader card for the battle.

As a ghost agent you have to make the most powerful demon deck and try to come to unravel the mysterious events triggered by legendary creatures with enigmatic power beyond comprehension called the Ayakashi.

Try to change ghosts to a demon in order to gain control of ghosts and bring them under their power.
You must fight through spectacular battles against scores of ghosts to collect three distinct origins such as Phantom, Divina, and Anima and complete the Demon Scroll.

Try to get the rare demons by summoning them.
You also can get rare demons by collecting all the sealed stones in the story, which will release a rare demon.

You can also recruit ghosts to serve them as a demon after they have been defeated through the battle.
Try to have a negotiation with the ghost and try having well negotiation in this game.

When having a demon, they can be enhanced by fusing them with other demons.
Try level up your demons to improve their abilities and increase particular skill levels in which it will be important when battling other players.

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