How to Earn Some Cash in League of War iPhone

League of War is a new tower defense game, you will command armies both big and small to invade an enemy base, while preparing for any defenses and fulfilling numerous war contracts and mix it up with various militaries, insurgent forces and militias, while collecting rare troops like in a TCG, and building up your alliances.

league of war guides

In the beginning of the game, you will meet lower-end soldiers and tanks.
And, as you proceed through each mission, you will unlock new ones as part of a random giveaway system, which you can add to your arsenal.

Every battle in this game will play out in real time, and you have a number of squad members to send out, either on foot or in vehicles.
On the other side, the first time that you play a stage, you will not be given with any speed up options However, the second time that you play a stage, you can crank it up to double the speed.

At the same time, you will be assigned to gather gold and cash that you can do by replaying a stage again and again
Moreover, replaying those stages will give you new rewards, and the same reward multiple times.
In the case of troop cards, getting duplicates allows you to promote your troops to strengthen them.

In line with this, if you enter another player’s recruit code in the social menu, you can earn rewards such as rare cards and loads of cash.
Because of this, try to find other players’ recruit codes in various forums and Facebook pages for this game, then post yours there as well so that other players can add you.

In order to earn free gold in this game, you can go to the Covert Ops menu, which is denoted by the icon in the upper right corner of the game screen with the number by it.
Any side quest that you complete in Covert Ops will earn you free gold that way
Therefore, you can then use them to spend towards opening silver chests and gold chests for the best troops in the game.

Leveling and promoting your troops are the two main ways to power them up.
Leveling them up will sacrifice other troops, so keep your common ones

At this point, unused troops in the back will be ready to be sacrificed to the ones that you have in your fighting party.
So try to use of duplicate troops, especially in categories where you do not have a rare or uncommon card, as promotions can make common cards almost equal to uncommons in power.

In addition, you should keep your active troop list as varied as possible, as variety will help you get a type advantage against rivals.
Anyway, troops that take a short time to train can be extremely important, especially rocket troops as their attacks are so powerful

In accordance with this, infantry will have their uses and can hold back tough enemies such as tanks that can build up enough supply points to drop your big guns.

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